Mobile solutions impact almost every industry in the world. Mobile apps can help businesses of all sizes share their vision with their customers.

From car sharing to finance, to healthcare, to entertainment and more, businesses use apps to add value for their customers.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than on the Google Play store. With over 2.8 million apps in the store (as per, Google Play is the largest app store in the world. Here’s an overview of Google Play’s top 10 app categories.

Developing Android Apps: Top 10 Google Play Categories

Source: AppBrain

With so many apps on the market today, businesses developing Android apps need to carve out a niche in their industry. This article focuses on a few key industries to give you ideas for your next Android app.

Developing Android Apps Security Features

Before diving into specific industries using mobile apps on Android, we want to focus on security.

Recent attacks on the Google Pixel highlight how this should be a key concern. Every industry needs to protect sensitive information from hackers. This is a big issue.

The HP Enterprise Mobile Application Security Report found 96% of 36,000 mobile apps failed one or more privacy tests.

Many hackers get in through mobile apps. In response, Google Play Protect now scans over 50 billion apps every day for vulnerabilities.

Developing Android Apps by Industry

Healthcare Apps

According to 52% of smartphone users now get health-related information on their devices. The breadth of healthcare apps is staggering.

From exercise and weight loss apps to doctor, pharmacy, and other medical apps, there is a high chance a healthcare app exists for your specific needs.

Developing Android Apps: Types of Healthcare Apps

The new wave of Healthcare apps leads to more competition in the industry. This added competition and innovation can drive down the cost of healthcare in the U.S.

Furthermore, healthcare apps increase personalized care. Now, patients can speak with doctors and health professionals whenever they have questions.

Finally, healthcare apps offer improved tracking and monitoring of specific health issues, especially with the use of medical IoT solutions.

Developing Android Apps: Types of Healthcare Apps

If you want to create a healthcare app for your business, reach out to Velvetech today. We specialize in finding the best healthcare software solutions for your business.

Finance and Banking

According to a survey produced by Mobile Ecosystem Forum, 61% of consumers in the USA regularly use their smartphones for banking activity, with 48% using a dedicated banking app. Customers perform tasks like checking their account balance, depositing checks, and paying bills.

Developing Android Apps: Finance and Banking Apps Usage

Another popular niche of consumer finance-related apps is money tracking apps. Planning a budget and keeping tabs on your spendings motivates to live a more healthy financial life.

If you want to create a finance app, you need to start looking at the legal regulations for developing Android apps.

The SEC, FDIC, and other industry agencies have numerous restrictions. Thus, you need to understand what your bank, insurance company, or financial institution can and cannot do with a mobile app.

If you want a quality solution for your banking and payment needs that follows legal regulations, set up a free consultation with us today.

Mobile Shopping

Forbes notes that 65% of 2017 holiday shoppers bought a gift on a mobile shopping app.

On Cyber Monday, mobile accounted for 33.1% of the $6.59 billion in revenue.

These numbers are staggering. However, lifestyle and shopping mobile apps continue to pop up on the Google Play Store. To compete on this m-commerce app market, you need a strong mobile app strategy.

Lifestyle and Wellness

Fitness apps and apps to develop good habits are pretty popular nowadays. One of the most successful fitness apps — “7 Minute Workout” — was featured by Google as #1 in over 19 countries. It was also awarded as the “Best of 2017 App” and the “Best Daily Helper App”.

Most wellness apps have a smartwatch app companion. The latter displays the most important data about user performance, e.g. the heart rate. Building the smartwatch app in a way that it becomes essential and is actually useful can turn out into a huge success.

Developing Android Apps: Smartwatch Apps

Source: Statista


Uber, Lyft, and a myriad of other taxi-hailing and car sharing apps have taken a prominent place on our smartphones. Developing an app for another ride offering company may seem like a good idea.

However, this space is really crowded, and your Android app should really offer the end user a new take on the transportation services.


Portable dictionaries, reference books, and encyclopedias, interactive learning experiences, the VR-based studying of foreign languages, etc. — all this makes Android apps for education a powerful tool for learning.

Velvetech has hands-on experience with developing cross-platform apps with the focus on education for healthcare organizations and schools.

On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps are the kind of apps that cover a lot of applications from various industries. The basic idea is that the user can order a service or product from their Android mobile app and get it delivered to the desired destination.

We all know and use such apps when we order a cab, a Chinese food, or a carpet cleaner.

The uberization is spreading wide and eliminates unnecessary middle agents everywhere.

Final Thoughts

More businesses keep finding value in mobile apps. The industries above offer you a glimpse into how you can implement your mobile app strategy.

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