April 3, 2010 seemed like a normal day. However, it turned into a crucial turning point for the world. This was the day Steve Jobs introduced us to the first iPad.

The iPad looked straight out of Star Trek. Since that time, a few other tablet makers entered the market.

Yet, Apple still commands the top spot in the tablet market with a 25.8% share. The closest competitors are Samsung (15%) and Huawei (7.5%).

Tablet Market stats

Source: Statista

Even more impressive is the growth on the Apple Store for the iPad. When the iPad launched in 2010, Apple had 3,000 apps. As of March 2016, over 1 million native apps existed solely for the iPad.

If you want to join this growing chorus of apps, then leverage Velvetech’s iPad app development experience. Our team has the strategy you need to complete your next project.

Velvetech’s iPad App Development Strategy

Mobile app development has changed over the past few years as the quality of apps has increased. Companies’ preferences have changed as well. We understand how businesses today want a luxury design ready in a reasonable time frame without the exorbitant price tag.

Velvetech technical expertise and technologies make this a reality. To do this, here are three components we bring to every iOS app development project.

1. Quality iOS Coders Who Understand iPad App Development

Our expert coders have experience coding iOS apps in a wide range of languages including Objective-C, C++, and C as well as the new Apple Swift.

Velvetech pairs its technical expertise with the right tools likes Xcode 9, AppCode, Realm, Core Data, and SQlite to deliver faster results.

This strong coding knowledge offers you an improved iPad app development process.

We don’t rely upon our coding skills alone to improve your development process. We practice the agile methodology and, therefore, can provide quick access to an iPad app being developed at all stages: from the first version.

Velvetech's iOS App Development Expertise

2. Quality Technology to Accelerate Development and Increase Security

We make sure you don’t lose out on valuable app security functions. That is why we use MTProto and SSL certification to protect your iOS app from hackers.

Finally, you will benefit from our quality assurance framework that will keep your app up to Apple standards and speed up the development process.

Putting a quality product to market faster is better for your bottom line. However, creating a quality iPad app presupposes adherence to Apple’s guidelines before you can publish it.

To save you time we build on the work of other developers who publish ready-to-use libraries on GitHub. These third-party libraries enable certain pieces of functionality out-of-the-box. We then employ frameworks like CocoaPods, Fastlane, Crashlytics, AppSee, SpriteKit, and Carthage to accelerate your app development.

iPad App Development Technologies

These tools save time and comply with Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

3. Quality Design Patterns to Improve The Mobile App Architecture

Design patterns like MVP, MVVM, MVC, and Viper create a better user experience for your app users.

These design patterns create a optimal code structure, so it’s easier to augment the app later on to add new features, fix bugs, etc.

This is vital for app adoption. According to Pew Research, only 35% of Americans enjoy trying new products. On the other hand, 52% want to use trusted brands and products.

Technology Users Stats

Unless your target market is for early adopters, your app should be consistent in look and feel with other apps. This way users will adopt your app as the status quo brand of the future.

Final Thoughts

Designing the right iPad app requires the technology and expertise to succeed. Velvetech brings the right iPad app development experience to help with your next project.

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