PandaDoc Document Management for bpm’online CRM

Enrich your bpm’online CRM experience with automated document generation, management, and tracking.

Manage Customer Documents inside bpm’online CRM

PandaDoc is a great document management solution that allows creating of quote lists, proposals, contracts, and other documents based on beautiful pre-defined templates in just a few clicks. PandaDoc integration module for bpm’online opens an opportunity for accurate document management in less time and effective tracking of changes in files’ statuses — all from within the bpm’online CRM.


Create any customer-specific documents right within the bpm’online platform


Send documents for approval and review to your clients and team members


Close sales faster with unlimited eSignatures included in every subscription


Track status and manage documents related to a specific entity in CRM

Why your team will love it

Excellent Business Results with Less Efforts

Faster Closed Deals
  • Electronic document workflow
  • Unlimited eSignatures availability
  • Real-time document status tracking
  • All client-relevant documents in one place
Reduced Routine Paperwork
  • Documents creation within CRM
  • Drag and drop document builder
  • Professional-looking templates
  • Customer-specific documents creation
Guaranteed Accuracy and Compliance
  • Automatic CRM data population
  • Automatic error-free price quoting
  • Documents and data access control
  • Prioritized data security
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Endless Opportunities at Your Fingertips

PandaDoc for bpm'online: Create documents in CRM
Easily create professional-looking and stylish documents with the PandaDoc default and custom designed templates.
PandaDoc for bpm'online: Managing contact roles
Ensure your document is signed by the correct contact: set up matching roles, and the system will automatically pull the decision maker’s information into PandaDoc.
PandaDoc for bpm'online: Documents are automatically filled with CRM data
The fields in PandaDoc documents are automatically filled with the customer-specific information derived from the CRM.
PandaDoc for bpm'online: Drag and Drop
Drag and drop content blocks to effortlessly create customer-specific proposals, contracts, and other documents.
PandaDoc for bpm'online: CRM data is automatically populated
The relevant information about contracts, products, and pricing contained in the CRM is automatically populated in the created by you documents.
PandaDoc for bpm'online: Approval and eSignature
Send the documents for approval and eSignature. All document analytics, including opens, views, and time spent on each section, will be available within bpm’online.
PandaDoc for bpm'online: Find documents related to a Lead, Opportunity, or Account
Find all the documents related to a particular Opportunity, Lead, or Account simply by opening the corresponding module in the CRM.
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Automate the whole document
workflow and be ready to boost your
sales with PandaDoc

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Take advantage of the united set of PandaDoc and bpm’online functionalities.

three steps to improved efficiency

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