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We are experts in resolving our client’s business challenges with innovative development services.


Our Core Disciplines

Velvetech ensures seamless project delivery and communications with our clients.

Identify Business Challenges

Velvetech can locate efficiency obstacles and assess your organization’s processes and technology use.

Plan Approach

Agile software development with proprietary programming tools for strategic and multichannel client solutions.

Custom IT Solutions

Delivering a broad spectrum of cost-effective and world class technology products.

Resource Partnerships

IT product and business performance improvement specialists ready to support leading organizations.



Could you provide some additional information on how our internal team would engage with your team throughout the project?

Velvetech will assign a single point of contact at our offices in Chicago, IL, who will be in charge of the project delivery (Project Delivery Manager), and a Project Team, that will be assigned for the project implementation. The Project Team will be consisted of the following staff members of Velvetech:

- Project Manager

- Business Analyst

- Web Application Developers

- QA/Software Testing Engineers

How often would we receive deliverables for our review?

Weekly; also upon reaching each Milestone (each Milestone is reached by the end of a corresponding Phase listed in the SOW).

How frequent would we have status meetings?

Weekly, during the normal business hours of the Client; the particular day of the week is TBD.

Is the price you usually quote a fixed fee? Or would we be looking at a time and materials project in which the cost could vary based on the actual time spent?

Most often, our bid is a fixed price for the entire project, including discovery, prototyping, development, testing & QA, acceptance testing, deployment, training, 90 days of free warranty support. The quoted fixed price is contingent to having no change requests from the client to the pre-approved Statement of Work. So, the price would not vary based on the actual time spent by Velvetech in a course of the project. However, in case when a change that is requested by the client causes an increase or decrease in the cost of the system development or the time to reach any milestone, Velvetech will notify the client in writing of such increase or decrease in the cost or the time required within 5 business days of the charge request receipt. To effect such change, the parties shall agree on an equitable adjustment in the cost and milestone schedule, and shall modify the pre-approved Statement of Work as required.  Velvetech will not implement such change without the client’s written authorization.

Who would participate in the meetings?

Project Delivery Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst when needed, and Lead Developer when needed.

Do you allow your clients to participate in the code review process?

Yes, absolutely. We utilize the industry standard best practices, that include but not limit source control, project documentation and collaboration, issue tracking, continuous integration and deployment, code reviewing. We use Atlassian Fisheye & Crucible for Code Reviewing in large projects, and Peer Code Review in small ones.

Could you describe your employees / software development resources and their qualifications?

We have 35 full time employees in offices throughout the world, including 25 developers and 5 support specialists. In addition to that, via a strategic partnership with the $297 Million CFT Group of companies (, Velvetech provides access to a global pool of 1,400 specialists. Of those, 550 are full time software developers and 80 are support engineers; 97% of the global pool’s developers hold Master’s degrees and 8% of those hold more than one Master’s degree. Additionally, 2% of the workforce is PhDs. In addition to its own employees Velvetech provides access to highly skilled mobile applications developers in 50 countries through Velvetech’s private app store project.