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Continued Medial Education Platform (CMEP) that delivers and tracks learning programs via the web and mobile channels. The owner of this particular web site is the American Academy of Family Physicians out of Kansas City (www.aafp.org), which is one of the largest national medical organizations, representing more than 94,600 family physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students nationwide that delivers interactive educational content and special programs.

With a strong technical back-ground and an experience on competitive market, Yuri is a talented professional. He has the right mix of creativity and efficiency. His willingness to achieve goals in a team spirit manner makes him a very appreciated business leader to work with.

Alain Faburel
Crocus Technology

We co-founded together with Yuri the mobile store startup company Handster Inc., which became the biggest independent online store on the Android platform and was acquired by Opera Software. Yuri is a great partner to work with, hope to do some other projects together with him in the future too!

Victor Shaburov
Opera Software