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Velvetech’s experience goes far beyond from professional software development services.

The added value which defines Velvetech and shows our difference from other development firms is our ability to understand our client’s needs and offer and develop true custom business solutions to give full potential to our client partners to conquer their business challenges.


Mobile Applications

Velvetech is a complete mobile solutions and application development resource company. We have launched several Apps and continue to partner with organizations to improve and innovate the rapidly changing mobile landscape. We offer development with enterprise-level dashboards to enable instant mobility management for all devices. We provide secure and smart solutions for an app-based new business and consumer environment. Let us create your next mobile project.


Enterprise Platforms

Optimal business performance relies on signature and custom features in your business software. Whether you need enhanced or new business functionality to help in business growth and management, we can deliver the right solution. If you are looking for an robust online/offline order processing system, procurement software, production scheduling, energy management, shipping and gps tracking software, or mobile integration… Velvetech can develop it all effectively to make sure your operation runs smoothly.

kazoo call center

Call Center Automation

We provide unique and flexible solutions for each client’s center specifications. Software designed to make the most of every minute with Live Views, Supervisor Controls, and Voice Recording for training sessions. We also can streamline any operation with CRM and VoiceOverIP integration, and Call Reports with detailed analytics.

Kazoo-integrated Contact Center Solutions

We provide Kazoo Automation and Administration (configuration of cal center and all phone system parameters), Call Center Management and we can integrate phone system with your CRM.


Continued Medical Education

Velvetech has an accomplished list of delivered CME projects in the healthcare field and has worked with a number of distinguished medical organizations and societies, including the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, and academic centers including John Hopkins, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago. We specialize in helping organizations improve their E-Learning curriculum with the advantages of digital technology which appeals to learners receiving the information. Interactive course delivery has become as natural as holding a pencil to students of all ages. The boundaries are limitless and the expansion of knowledge in the ever expanding CME arena has allowed interactive learning to become a fundamental process of medical education. Find out how we can assist you in developing your cognitive learning platforms and why so many of the leading organizations in the field have chosen to work with us.

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We provide essential tools and ensure the success of great causes with great technology.


Small and Medium Enterprises

Business intelligence comes in all sizes, make better decisions with our cost effective platforms.

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Regardless of industry sector, businesses have to navigate through change and embrace technology environments. Velvetech can guide you to success with cost competitive business software solutions. We enable our client partners to focus on what they do best, while we aim for and deliver unrivaled IT solutions. Come experience what it is like to work with a dedicated team of IT professionals and quickly see why we can take complex hurdles out of your way and create a path to management and growth. Call now and let us start the journey together and see how Velvetech can help you.

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