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With a solid background in designing sensor devices and developing data monitoring and tracking systems for business and consumer markets, Velvetech delivers custom software solutions aimed to empower the clients with sophisticated IoT products. Our deep industry knowledge and strong technical expertise allow us to support the initiatives of innovators and meet expectations of technology-driven companies.

Smart Device Design
Smart Device Design

Building high-end devices for our clients, we rely on our extensive experience in embedded hardware prototyping and connected systems development. Through the implementation of next-generation architectures, we craft technological solutions that operate via various communication protocols and have multipurpose sensors for real-time data accumulation.

IoT App Development
IoT App Development

Our user-friendly mobile & web applications are created to effortlessly manage the widespread systems of connected devices. The immediate access to the sensor-driven data allows to increase the staff efficiency and ensure the smooth day-to-day running of business processes. Designed to drive engagement, Velvetech’s apps enable the exponential growth of customer outreach.

Data Management And Analytics
Data Management and Analytics

The collected by an IoT system information is the key to increase the enterprise intelligence. Velvetech makes sure the generated by the devices data is accurately mined, stored and processed. Capitalizing on the advancements in data analytics and machine learning, we create solutions that supply our clients with the truly meaningful insights and credible predictions.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Velvetech provides its clients with endless development opportunities by introducing a fully integrable IoT platform. Open for seamless integration with various smart devices, applications, and third-party systems, it will satisfy any business needs. Scalable and secure, our solution for the Internet of Things will form the foundation of your enterprise’s new technology infrastructure.

Harness the power of technology

Building Scalable IoT Platforms & Making Connected Devices Smarter

Get timely alerts and obtain meaningful insights by analyzing data from numerous sensors in a single IoT platform. Velvetech offers custom software systems and cloud infrastructures that extract, process, and analyze data generated by connected devices. To facilitate quick project launch and delivery of a powerful IoT solution, we provide a complete set of functional capabilities and tools available in the platform.

  • Effective performance scaling during peak traffic
  • WS availability commitment for EC2 is 99.95%
  • Reliable end-to-end encryption
  • Data aggregation from different sensors (temperature, humidity, microphone, video cameras etc.)
  • Integration with custom hardware devices or mobile apps
  • Advanced GUI interface to explore collected data
  • Open API for integration with external systems
  • Use an algorithm for increasing the accuracy of trip
  • Intelligent geo-fencing and sensor alarms based on deep learning algorithm
  • DDoS/hackers attacks protection
Smart Device Platform

Accelerate IoT Solution Deployment

Take advantage of a customizable IoT platform that drives efficiency from low-cost connectivity, enterprise-level security, and seamless integration with IoT apps and devices.

Smart Device

High-technology gadgets with inbuilt cameras, mics, and sensors for real-time remote data collection

Mobile Application

Easily control smart devices


Administrative interface with a comprehensive set of tools for simplified configuration of extensive IoT systems


Build an online shopping web site


Smarter customer relationships management empowered by the integration of your CRM with an IoT platform

Accounting Solution

Synchronize orders and payments

Selected Projects

Cold Chain Monitoring System

We’ve created comprehensive Hardware & Software solutions for temperature and humidity tracking and GPS Route Tracking. These solutions help perishable food shippers, carriers, and receivers comply with all temperature monitoring requirements.

Cold Chain Monitoring System

Emergency Response System

Emergency Response System

One of the most striking examples was a product development partnership with a start-up company out of Chicago. Velvetech created an emergency response center monitoring cloud and helped to develop a mobile app that works with an innovative wearable personal safety device.

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