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Developing a competitive edge for banks and financial institutions with breakthrough FinTech solutions

FinTech Software Development & Consulting Services

Fintech Software Development

Financial Software Development

Custom and Off-the-Shelf Financial Solutions<

Custom & Off-the-Shelf Financial Solutions

Fintech Consulting

Fintech Consulting

Dedicated Teams and Staff Augmentation

Dedicated Teams & Staff Augmentation


At Velvetech, we have a history of merging the best in technology and banking. Our company’s founders had been developing software for the banking industry for years before starting Velvetech 15 years ago.

We still count many wealth management and proprietary trading companies, hedge funds, banks, credit unions, and other firms as our clients. Leveraging our knowledge of the finance space, our software developers deliver custom banking and financial applications to address the most significant challenges facing your firm.

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We Develop Financial Solutions

Trading Platforms Development

Our market-scanning and auto-trading platforms ensure the most profitable transactions across exchanges and offer end-to-end compliance tracking of the trades.

Banking Software Development

We help banks and credit unions with CRM migration, mobile banking solutions, customer acquisition, business processes automation, customer scoring.

High-Frequency Trading Solutions

Successful trades happen in nanoseconds. Get an edge over your competitors with FPGA-enabled trading solutions with near real-time on-the-chip calculations.

Sales & Marketing Automation

We help you deploy acclaimed CRM & BPM solutions to automate customer acquisition and optimize back-end processes improving the performance of your sales staff.

Credit & Loan Management

Get a back-end system with full-cycle workflow enabling solutions for credit and loan management: from a loan application to KYC and underwriting to loan servicing.

Investment Portfolio Management

We apply quantitative analysis and predictive analytics to develop investment portfolio optimization systems that execute efficient trade orders based on market data.

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Our Clients are the Finalists ofBenzinga Global Fintech Awards

CEO Credits His Success to Tech Innovation

Watch as CEO Ted Devine of Insureon, named Inc. 500’s #1 fastest growing insurance company, details how a trusted tech partner and a solid strategy shot his business past the competition.


Finance Software for Trailblazers

Blockchain-Enabled Financial Apps

Distributed ledger technology enhanced by smart contracts is a perfect foundation for building secure decentralized financial applications with optimal cost per transaction

FPGA-based Hardware Acceleration

With a combination of low-latency networks, high-performance computers, and FPGA hardware acceleration, you can complete trades in nanoseconds.

ML & AI-Based Fintech Solutions

We help financial firms use predictive analytics software and data science to manage market data flow, validate the accuracy of high-frequency trades, automate KYC procedures, etc.

Internet of Things

Smart sensors generating and exchanging data bits within interconnected big data platforms allow us to build better IoT-based risk management and trading solutions.

Mobile Financial Apps

Our mobile experience encompasses a wide range of mobile fintech solutions: from mobile banking to investment advising apps with a social networking component.

Intelligent CRM Systems

Our financial software developers are ready to apply speech recognition, AI-powered communications, and other smart technologies and integrations to customize your CRM.



Webinar: Value of User-Driven Development

Value of User-Driven Development

Tune in to hear insights on the value of user-driven development in creating IT products.

Watch our webinar and learn the top ways of reducing poor user satisfaction, low adoption rates, and decreased loyalty.


Custom Financial Software Solutions

Proprietary Trading Platforms

Velvetech’s proprietary trading platforms help execute the most efficient transactions on capital markets and exchanges.


Gain a competitive edge for your wealth and portfolio management platforms with our robo-advisory solutions.

Brokerage Solutions

Our know-how portfolio balancing solutions connect optimal trading service recommendations with brokerage firms.

Financial Models

Our quantitative analysts build out effective financial models using time series, stochastic models and predictive analytics.

Loan Origination Systems

The right LOS software improves prospecting so that banks can find qualified borrowers, reduce risk, and avoid fraud.

Loan Management Systems

Banks need proprietary platforms that automate time-intensive processes of managing payments and loan collecting.

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Why Clients Choose Us

Value-Driven Financial Software Development Company

Our specialists have a solid background in custom financial software development. They know how to build efficient tools for finance organizations — from the development of banking software solutions to IoT applications and enterprise systems.

With over 15-year expertise in delivering financial software development services, Velvetech has the infrastructure, network requirements, and security standards to keep all your solutions compliant.

We will make sure your solution stays in compliance with Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other financial regulations on all devices and systems. We will help you go through every step of receiving the required certification for your solution.

  • 3-Day Proof of Concept
  • Accelerated Delivery
  • Cross-Platform Coverage
  • Scalability & Interoperability
  • Security & Compliance

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Webinar: How to Deal With the Shortage of Software Developers

Shortage of Software Developers

Velvetech is hosting a live webinar to talk about the IT Job Market and best practices to address the computer science talents gap.

Save your free spot to find out how to deal with the lack of software developers and what risks various engagement models have.

December 8, 2022 | 10 am EST

case studies

Software Platform for Daily Stock and Options Picking

Tradespoon, an affordable and user-friendly Trade Intelligence Platform, helps self-directed investors evaluate securities and uncover the most profitable opportunities in the market. Since 2012 Velvetech has successfully partnered with Tradespoon to develop, maintain, and enhance software tools available to Tradespoon members.

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case studies

Online Brokerage Platform Development

Our team assisted a brokerage company with the development of new functionality for their online platform. Leveraging our experience in FinTech software development, we overhauled the trading solution and implemented the features to improve the system’s efficiency for investors and traders.

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case studies

Dealer Platform for Small Business Insurance

Our cooperation with Insureon began in 2012 when they decided to design a marketing and sales automation platform. Velvetech has assisted Insureon with introducing innovative solutions, such as text and speech recognition and analysis. We also completely rebuilt their in-house system to support microservices architecture.

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case studies

Contact Center Solution for Streamlined Sales Operations

Velvetech supported a business funding company with the implementation of a customized Contact Center Product Suite. The solution facilitated the company’s services, enabling the team to work in a consolidated manner and increasing sales processes efficiency.

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case studies

Crypto-Mining Browser Development

We provided a financial company with the software development services to come up with an innovative solution. The first crypto-mining browser incorporated blockchain technology to allow users to mine cryptocurrency in a highly secure manner while surfing the net.

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case studies

Advanced Customer Service with CRM Implementation

Velvetech helped a FinTech company streamline its financial services by implementing and integrating CRM software with other business systems. As a result, the Client improved customer interactions and enhanced transparency of business processes.

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Our Clients and Partners

What Our Clients Say

I have been working with Velvetech since 2012. I was looking for a local development team able to produce quality financial software products, and I am very glad that I’ve met Velvetech. We have successfully implemented and deployed to production several financial applications. It is a pleasure to work with Veltetech team. I would highly recommend them as a reliable software development partner.

Vlad Karpel
Vlad KarpelTradespoon

Of all the companies we spoke to, Velvetech was the one that had hands-on prior experience with Blockchain. Finding the Velvetech team was the best thing that happened to us. We were able to meet all our deadlines and ship our products on time. We look forward to collaborating with Velvetech in the Blockchain space and other future technological areas.

Nelson Ijih
Nelson IjihBlockMint Technologies

Velvetech was recommended to us by a friend who had worked with them in the past. Wow did we get lucky! Since 2005, Velvetech has been solid as a rock for us in our various product launches, maintenance, and enhancements. Yuri and Velvetech have played a critical role in the success of our business, and we are thankful each day that we chose the right path!

Greg Gorman
Greg GormanESGI, LLC

I’ve been working with Velvetech for about twelve years. I hired this firm to create some simple code for me, which grew into website development and our first mobile app. Velvetech is a one-stop shop for everything relating to the web… social media, mobile apps, websites. With their professionalism, expertise, and enthusiasm, Velvetech has grown to be an extension of my department. They’re always two steps ahead of me, which is invaluable.

Anne Hedrich
Anne HedrichApache Corporation

Velvetech recently assisted Healix with the software development and release of our online ordering system. The Velvetech team was focused and professional, consistently ensuring on time deliverables, which is crucial in our healthcare business. Velvetech provides professional service and an excellent customer experience. We gladly recommend their services.

Mark Winters
Mark WintersHealix, Inc.
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