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Blockchain Services We Offer

Custom Blockchain Development

Acquire blockchain software completely tailored to your unique business needs and built to solve your specific challenges.

Blockchain Technology Consulting

Consult our experts to see how blockchain can benefit your organization or get an outside opinion on an existing project.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Empower your business with decentralized technology by seamlessly adding it to your enterprise systems.

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With extensive expertise in blockchain development, our team delivers custom enterprise blockchain solutions that rock the market. Depending on the initial request, our blockchain app development services provide companies with new software products or support them by revamping existing systems.

Recognized as one of the top blockchain tech companies by GoodFirms, Velvetech helps leverage blockchain for diverse business operations. Driving continuous improvements, Velvetech encourages business growth with consensus algorithms, individual nodes, and architectures.

Services We Offer

Smart Contracts and Blockchain Development Partner

Velvetech offers smart contracts and blockchain development services. Whether you need your own decentralized network-managed system or a cryptocurrency, Velvetech is your #1 go-to partner for blockchain-based solutions development.

Velvetech offers smart contracts and blockchain development services. Whether you need your own decentralized network-managed system or a cryptocurrency, Velvetech is your #1 go-to partner for blockchain-based solutions development.

Blockchain Consulting

Velvetech provides blockchain consulting services for various industries: healthcare, fintech startups, banking & stock trading companies, insurance, and logistics.

Smart Contracts Design & Implementation

Using one of the leading blockchain platforms Ethereum our company can assist with developing advanced smart contracts for your blockchain projects.

ICO Consulting

We can help you run a professional ICO campaign. Starting with proper documentation and white papers followed by a functional prototype or MVP.

DApps Development

Our expertise spans across building, managing, and integrating industry-specific decentralized blockchain applications (also known as DApps).

IoT Systems Integration

Development of a multi-component IoT platform as an integral part of a blockchain solution can significantly increase its value and ease up your ICO launch.

Cryptocurrency Wallets & Exchange Solutions

Protection of traditional wallets and multi-signature wallets for enhanced security. We develop stable and safe cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our Expertise

Custom Blockchain-Based Software

  • Blockchain solutions
  • NFT development
  • Crowdfunding tech
  • Private blockchain development
  • Ethereum-based token wallets
  • Smart contracts design
  • DeFi development
  • Financial & trading platforms
  • Decentralized apps development
  • Blockchain-based marketplaces

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Blockchain POC Development

Blockchain POC development is the process of building a business concept based on blockchain technology, assessing it, and implementing it as either a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product.

Blockchain POC development is the process of building a business concept based on blockchain technology, assessing it, and implementing it as either a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product.

Analytics Stage

At this stage, the viable plan, project criteria, and theoretical use cases are defined to create a clear vision of the project and convey it to all parties involved.

Prototype Stage

Building a blockchain project prototype allows validating the concept and demonstrating features. This draft visualizes how the product will function.

MVP Stage

An MVP emerges when it comes to trying out the blockchain product in the long run. It includes a basic set of features and provides direct user engagement.

Industries We Work With

Blockchain Solutions For Your Industry

Blockchain applications provide process optimization and ROI increase to various industries: Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, Insurance, Telecommunications, Banking.


Blockchain-based banks and clearinghouses have much more optimized workflows and provide more value to customers in comparison to regular financial institutions.


Smart contracts help reduce administrative burden in transportation companies while blockchain-based IoT systems ensure cargo safety and control at all transit stages.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Using blockchain you can manage, track, and transfer land titles and property deeds without copious amounts of paperwork and intermediaries.

Consumer Markets
Consumer Markets

Music streaming is a good example of an end-user oriented business: artists can earn royalties without a record label.

Healthcare and Insurance
Healthcare & Insurance

Electronic medical records backed by the blockchain technology make up a virtually incorruptible cryptographic database.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Decentralized networks of IoT endpoints. Organize secure data exchange and smart sensors working together as a system.



Blockchain Development Technologies

Blockchain Development: Solidity


  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Binance Chain
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Algorand
  • Solana

Custom Blockchains

  • Hyperledger Fabric

Second Layer Solution

  • The Graph
  • Hardhat
  • Moralis

Integration with Centralized Exchange API

  • Poloniex
  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • Bybit

Blockchain Development Process

Identify the Goal

Choose a Blockchain Platform

Ideate the Concept and Strategy

Develop a Blockchain PoC

Design UI and API

Develop a Blockchain Project

Test and Deploy the App

Maintain and Update the Solution

Ethereum — Backbone for Smart Contract Development

Ethereum is the next-generation peer-to-peer technology blockchain platform that allows not only exchange of cryptocurrency & assets, but also supports transactions with program logic known as smart contracts.

Business Benefits

Smart Contracts Advantages


Smart contracts are immutable, and blockchain solutions rely heavily on cryptography, which makes this technology highly stable against virtual attacks.

Сost reduction
Cost reduction

Removing intermediaries from the value generating process obviously reduces costs of operations: ideal solution for all sorts of transactions.


The deterministic nature of smart contracts makes them tamper-proof: the terms of a contract are executed automatically, by algorithms.

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What are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are essentially bits of code that is stored, verified and executed across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. These applications with the ability to self-execute when certain preprogrammed conditions are met take full advantage of the blockchain technology: permanence and censorship resistance. Basically, any DApp, DAO, or other blockchain-based application is built using smart contracts code.

Velvetech will help you realize any enterprise blockchain application; whether you are looking to build a smart financial instrument, a real estate assets management platform, or merely a means to complement your legal contracts.

case studies

Velvetech helps Blockmint Technologies build the first secure web browser that allows users to mine cryptocurrencies while ensuring full privacy. Supporting such features as VPN, ad blocker, and crypto wallet, the new solution enables the client to reap the benefits of blockchain.

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case studies

We equipped the client with an innovative threat detection system that helps healthcare providers secure PHI from hacker attacks and data leaks. This cutting-edge solution based on the blockchain ensures maximum privacy, efficiency, and ease of use.

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What Our Clients Say

Of all the companies we spoke to, Velvetech was the one that had hands-on prior experience with Blockchain. Finding the Velvetech team was the best thing that happened to us. We were able to meet all our deadlines and ship our products on time. We look forward to collaborating with Velvetech in the Blockchain space and other future technological areas.

Nelson Ijih
Nelson IjihBlockMint Technologies

I have been working with Velvetech since 2012. I was looking for a local development team able to produce quality financial software products, and I am very glad that I’ve met Velvetech. We have successfully implemented and deployed to production several financial applications. It is a pleasure to work with Veltetech team. I would highly recommend them as a reliable software development partner.

Vlad Karpel
Vlad KarpelTradespoon

My Company has partnered with Velvetech on 30+ projects since 2001 and they have consistently exceeded our expectations in design, delivery, and product performance. They bring extensive IT and programming knowledge to our discussions and the team consistently maintains the highest level of customer service and focus.

George Witter
George WitterMedED Architects

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop a Blockchain app?

Depending on the initial project requirements and goals, the average cost of a blockchain application development starts from $15,000 and can go up to $200,000 and more. The complexity of the app, its type, features, and hourly rates of the development team greatly affect the price.

What are the business benefits of Blockchain?

Blockchain technology leads to new business opportunities and provides a wide range of benefits for companies applying it. The major advantages of enterprise blockchain solutions include greater transparency, better security, increased efficiency, and improved traceability.

What is an example of an IoT Blockchain system?

The union of IoT and Blockchain creates a reliable and secure method of transferring data that’s processed by connected devices. The examples of these technologies working together include blockchain-based IoT sensors to track shipment status, smart home tools to manage security systems, or apps that control drug prescription data in real-time.

How to choose the right Blockchain Development Company?

Today, you can pick among an abundance of companies the best candidate for outsourcing your blockchain software development project. Some of them are focused on building apps for Bitcoin, others write smart contracts that work on Ethereum, etc. While choosing a blockchain software development company to partner with, pay attention to experience and skills relevant to your project, domain expertise, technology stack, and cost of development.


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