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Full Stack
.NET Developer
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React + Blockchain Developer
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Node.js + React Developer
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Embedded Developer
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Senior Full Stack Developer
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Python Developer
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Node.js Developer
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PHP Developer Team Lead
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PHP Developer
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Data Scientist
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Senior Fullstack Developer
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.NET Backend Developer
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Junior/Middle .NET Developer
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GoLang Developer
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Frontend Developer
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UI/UX Developer
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React Developer
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Power BI Developer
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Frontend Vue.js developer
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Senior VoIP Engineer
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Principal Infrastructure Engineer-Architect
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System Administrator / DevOps Specialist
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Cloud DevOps Engineer
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iOS Developer
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Android Developer
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Senior Android Developer
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Senior iOS Developer
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Chief Software Architect
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Project Manager
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Salesforce developer
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Business Analyst
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QA Automation Engineer
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QA Engineer
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QA Lead
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Language Expert
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IT Recruiter
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Business Development Representative
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Build Your Career at Velvetech

Build Your Career at Velvetech

Velvetech is a company made up of experienced professionals strategically distributed in 15+ global technical job markets.

Our mission is to provide clients with outstanding professional services for the full cycle of product and project development.

We are a team of top performers focused on steady development, continuous service delivery, and long-term relationships. Together, we shape a new reality with elevated technologies and an innovative environment.


Join Us to Create Great Things

Focus on Value

We are focused on delivering maximum value to our clients. Having a low turnover enables us to dive deeper into their business domains, generate ideas, and turn them into high-standard solutions.

Deliver Results

We are committed to excellence at every stage of software development. The results we achieve are proportional to the efforts we apply. Set measurable goals, strive to be efficient, and aim for performance.

Be Collaborative

We are team players. Since we are all in the same boat, we row together to move faster. Trust, reliability, and good coordination are fundamental for effective communications with clients and our own productivity.

Pursue Perfection

Velvetech appreciates a growth mindset and chances to learn and progress. Improve constantly by developing your professional qualifications and soft skills, dive into the world of knowledge, and be open to sharing your experience.

Encourage Diversity

Velvetech’s success to a great extent depends on people. Every opinion and every voice counts. Respect personality, diverse strengths, interests, and cultural background to grow together.

Enjoy the Work

We enjoy the work we do. Planning, building, negotiating, and delivering great results. Take advantage of challenges, transform them into growth opportunities, and share the triumph with colleagues.

We Are Looking for Like-Minded Professionals

Like-Minded Professionals

At Velvetech, we’re building a culture where people are on the same wavelength. We genuinely care about every team member and thoroughly select candidates so they could fit into our environment and become a part of our close-knit family.

We’re honest and transparent in all of our communications and openly collaborate in pursuit of perfection, efficiency, and fidelity. We’re always looking to grow our talented team and hope we have a role suitable for you.

High Performance
Team Spirit
Respect and Loyalty
Eagerness to Learn

Ready to Join the Velvetech Team?


Why Work with Velvetech

People-First Attitude

Your opinion matters, the doors of our top management are always open for everyone.

Exciting Projects

Our work is more than coding: challenging projects and tasks, streamlined processes.


We always consider your preferences: tech stack to use, work location and schedule.

Encouraging Environment

We foster initiatives leading to competence growth, team efficacy, and project success.

Professional Development

We offer certification programs and support workshops and general knowledge sharing.

Strong Engineering Culture

Our team consists mostly of middle & senior developers, seasoned PMs and Team Leads.

Our recruiting process

What to Expect After Applying?



1-3 days
Our HR team will review your application to make sure our interests and requirements match equally.

Interview with HR

1 day
The next step will be an online interview with a recruiter where you will hear more about the role and we will learn more about you.

Test Task

3-7 days
At this step, you will receive a short task that will help you understand better what the job role is about.

Tech Interview

1-3 days
After the assessment, you will talk to the Team Lead who will examine your technical skills and experience. You will have a chance to dive deeper into the workflow.

Final Interview

2 days
This is the decision-making stage. You will have a chat with our top management to answer more thoughtful questions and discuss the terms of employment.

Job offer

1-2 weeks
As a final step of the recruiting process, we will send you a job offer to make the start of our partnership official and profound.


1-3 months
When you accept the job offer, our HR team will guide you along the onboarding process. You’ll meet the team, integrate with Velvetech culture, and learn everything you need to rock!

We Are Constantly Hiring New Talents