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Case Studies

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Sales & Marketing Automation for Car Dealer

Find out how we supercharged sales and marketing processes for a car dealer by following the best practices in CRM migration and implementation.

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Customer Data Tech Stack for Recruitment Firm

The automation app developed by Velvetech allowed to import and update data nearly 3 times faster than before.

20/20 Foresight Executive Search

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Inventory Management for Energy Company

Velvetech migrates a global energy company from Excel to a modern cloud application for inventory management.

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CRM Migration and Integration with QuickBooks

Velvetech helps KKworx boost productivity and serve customers faster with a new CRM.

KKworx, Inc.

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Mobile App for Warehouse Management

Velvetech develops a warehouse management Android app to speed up inventory tracking operations.

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Plant Production Legacy System Migration

Migration of a legacy desktop application to the cloud for a large plant growing company.

Leider Greenhouses

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CRM Implementation for a FinTech Firm

Velvetech introduced CRM Creatio as a single platform for consolidating all consumer data. Creatio was integrated with a client’s in-house system, Zendesk, RingCentral, and MailChimp, to streamline their sales process.

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CRM Migration from Zoho CRM to Creatio

Velvetech helps a healthcare consulting company streamline its Sales, Marketing, and Support with the implementation of the low-code platform CRM Creatio.

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AI Call Analytics for Insurance Company

Intelligent speech-to-text transcription and call analytics solution merging the power of AI and VoIP telephony.



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