Healthcare Software Development

Our custom healthcare software development company will help you ride the wave of digital transformation through the implementation of medical tech solutions built by our experts to tailor to your business needs.

Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

Custom Healthcare Solutions Development

Healthcare Software Design and Development

Velvetech provides healthcare software development services to help medical organizations leverage tech opportunities and facilitate care delivery.

MedTech Consulting

MedTech Consulting

Assisting with market analysis and every step of the product life cycle, Velvetech helps healthcare service providers pursue strategic growth.

Dedicated Teams & Staff Augmentation

Dedicated Teams
& Staff Augmentation

We support companies with IT professionals to hire while extending their in-house resources or ramping up an entire project team.


Ready to Support Your Organization

Hospitals and Clinics

As a healthcare software provider for hospitals and clinics, Velvetech helps them automate core processes and elevate the quality of care.

Pharmaceutical Companies

From manufacturing and supplying raw materials to clinical trials and product distribution — our software covers any pharmaceutical needs.

Diagnostic and Research Centers

Our software engineers and data scientists build solutions that help with data analysis, models and simulations, and task automation.

Healthcare Companies We Serve

Healthcare Software Companies

We support software product development companies ensuring they can deliver innovative and effective solutions to the healthcare industry.

Medical Device Manufacturers

With our hardware and software engineering expertise device manufacturers accelerate the delivery of cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Medical Education Centers

To promote healthcare education and propel research endeavors, Velvetech helps companies design digital solutions that cater to their needs.


Innovative Healthcare Software Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring

Reach out to our team of professionals if you’re requiring an effective remote patient monitoring solution with a sturdy framework to transform healthcare delivery and make it more proactive.

Practice Management Systems

Velvetech develops multifunctional Practice Management Systems that help automate the most important clinical processes, including appointment scheduling, task management, and VoIP Call Center integration.

Medical Billing Solutions

With a focus on HIPAA & PCI compliance and integration with leading EHR/EMR systems, we implement patient payment and revenue cycle management systems for hospitals and medical and dental practices.

Electronic Medical and Health Records

Velvetech develops secure and reliable EMR and EHR systems for medical organizations of all sizes to enable effective management of healthcare data to drive decisions and automate routine tasks.

Post-Acute Care Coordination

We build web applications and mobile solutions integrated to deliver unified products that support various types of post-acute care coordination like assisted living, long-term hospitals, and home health.

Connected Devices for Health Monitoring

Experienced in hardware design and embedded programming, our engineers help healthcare businesses implement projects that are centered around wearable smart devices and mHealth systems.

Medical Insurance Verification

We deliver excellence in providing both HealthTech and InsurTech solutions to streamline and automate the verification process of patient insurance information and coverage for medical services.

Healthcare CRM

We deliver a range of CRM consulting and implementation services to help address marketing and sales initiatives of healthcare providers while taking the patient experience to the next level.

Hospital Asset Tracking

Understanding the unique needs of the healthcare business allows our team to craft solutions, such as hospital asset tracking software, that streamline and enhance operational efficiency.


Our team has years of experience in developing telehealth solutions that facilitate diagnostic and treatment by supporting real-time two-way communications between patients and clinicians.

Assisted Living Facilities

Velvetech develops booking platforms, on-demand care apps, telemedicine solutions, and other healthcare software to help manage vendor operations crucial for assisted living facilities.

Continuing Medical Education

With an accomplished list of delivered CME projects, Velvetech provides IT consulting and helps medical organizations improve their eLearning curriculum with the advantages of digital technology.

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Healthcare Software Development for Your Needs

Digital & Personal Connected Health

Digital & Personal Connected Health

Patient Engagement & Experience Management

Patient Engagement & Experience Management

Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Healthcare Marketplaces

Healthcare Marketplaces

Physician Liaison Program Management

Physician Liaison Program Management

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions


Velvetech has been assisting healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with custom digital solutions and medical software development services. We can quickly identify the unique needs of a healthcare business and provide a spot-on solution.

Within a week, we assemble a highly skilled team of developers, project managers, analysts, designers, and QA engineers to provide comprehensive healthcare application development services. Together, they deliver tailored healthcare software solutions that effectively address the IT challenges faced by medical organizations.

Let’s Talk about Your eHealth Challenges and Goals!

Webinar: How to Onboard an External Team

How to Onboard an External Team

Want to learn how to effectively expand your team and smoothly integrate an external one to accelerate your project?

Watch our webinar to unveil the tricks of onboarding a tech partner and incorporating it into the process to foster your product delivery.


What Really Matters in eHealth

Operational Efficiency

  • Reducing Readmissions
  • Workflow Automation
  • Data Interoperability

Strategic Approach

  • Care Coordination
  • Increasing Patient Engagement
  • Actionable Analytics

Regulatory Compliance

  • PCI
  • FDA

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Success story

Gerald Bedwell

Sr. VP of IT at Medadept LLC, on Working with Velvetech

Discover what working with Velvetech looks like through client’s eyes. Our valued client shares his experience of working with Velvetech on a post-acute care management solution.

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Cutting-Edge Healthcare Development

Internet of Medical Things

Velvetech designs and develops end-to-end medical IoT systems and cloud infrastructures that create new revenue streams for your healthcare company and improve operational efficiencies. We ensure your success by applying our hands-on experience with implementing distributed networking solutions integrated with smart sensors.

Healthcare Data Engineering and Analytics

As healthcare providers gather and analyze extensive volumes of medical data, including PHI, the adoption of effective data management solutions and analytics software is a great help. It leads to well-informed decisions, tailored healthcare services, and enhanced overall results. All while maintaining data security.

Medical Device Software

Velvetech offers all-round healthcare software development that empowers care delivery and streamlines core procedures. We create robust solutions embedded in medical devices for various purposes. Our expertise also lies in building software as a medical device (SaMD) that runs on tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

mHealth Solutions

Every other healthcare project we develop is either mobile-enabled or mobile-focused, with an mHealth app being the heart and soul of the whole initiative. From appointment management and care coordination to remote diagnostics of your patients — Velvetech will help you develop healthcare mobile apps that add value to your business.

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming crucial parts when developing clinical decision support systems. Velvetech will be happy to assist you with implementing AI & ML algorithms into your hospital management software environment to enhance diagnostics and analytical accuracy.


Our experience extends as far as development of custom blockchain-based EHR solutions and includes smart contracts development for coordinating the exchange of patient records between private blockchains. Data immutability and traceability make blockchain in the healthcare industry a solid long-term investment.

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Webinar: Transforming Business with GenAI-Infused Software

Transforming Business with GenAI-Infused Software

Join our webinar to uncover opportunities GenAI creates for business and learn how to integrate it into your processes for maximum benefit.

December 7, 2023

Benefits of Healthcare Software for You

Informed Decisions

Informed Decisions

A variety of health data collected by digital devices and software solutions provide medical professionals with more tools to drive informed decisions.

Better Treatment

Better Treatment

Software technologies help healthcare providers deliver efficient treatment and engage patients in the process for better care delivery and health outcomes.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Cost reduction is a result of healthcare automation and enhanced accessibility to healthcare services that are possible thanks to the adoption of IT tools.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Enhanced Patient Experience

The use of technologies supports streamlined care delivery and allows patients to participate in the decision-making process, improving their experience.

Why Clients Choose Us

Value-Driven Healthcare Software Development Partner

Our specialists are experienced in Healthcare Messaging Standards used within medical institutions and insurance companies.

We help organizations facilitate the exchange of HIPAA EDI-X12 transactions during critical processes such as patient admission and billing, which subsequently involve the transmission of HL7 messages between enterprise applications.

Our assistance with the implementation of HL7 interface engines and adherence to standards like HL7, FHIR, CDA, and DICOM enable clients to seamlessly integrate various HealthTech platforms, such as EHRs, HIEs, and the like.

  • 15-year expertise in healthcare
  • 3-day Proof of Concept
  • 1 week to ramp up a team
  • From concept to deployment
  • Agile methodology

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case study

Post-Acute Care Management

Velvetech assisted MedAdept to take their post-acute suite of apps to market within a tight time frame. The development of these custom medical software applications is a great example of how an organization drives a much sought-after innovation in the post-acute care domain.

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case studies

Revamped Appointment Scheduling System

Velvetech helped enhance an online dental platform by streamlining the process of scheduling medical appointments. Our team integrated the Client’s web-based solution with various PMS used by dental providers.

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case studies

Medical Reference Application

Velvetech supported a family medicine clinic with the development of a telemedicine solution. We revamped a medical reference platform coupled with a robust mobile app that drastically improved patient care, user experience, and engagement.

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case studies

Intrusion Detection System

Velvetech leveraged blockchain technology to develop an intrusion detection system and help a healthcare startup protect clinics from security breaches. The solution encrypts valuable health data and generates alerts in case of suspicious activities.

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case studies

IoMT Project for Indoor Tracking

We assisted a HealthTech company with the implementation of an IoMT solution for medical personnel and patients monitoring within premises in real time. As a result, the Client could advance its healthcare IT services to help clients improve patient experience and optimize processes.

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case study

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management

Velvetech assisted with the development of CollectStream — an integrated revenue-cycle management solution for healthcare organizations that helps businesses improve cash flow, establish compliance, and reduce risks.

case study

Long-Term Care Booking Platform

The client turned to Velvetech to request help with the development of a solution that would enhance the experience of seniors and their families with booking long-term care residences. Our team has built a web-based platform that became a one-stop marketplace and connected facility providers and customers.

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What Our Clients Say

Our biggest hurdle was finding a partner that understood the complexities of healthcare-focused development such as HIPAA compliance, patient-facing applications, and physician-facing dashboards. Velvetech worked as an extension of our team and helped us build a HIPAA-compliant physician platform and a new version of our mobile medical device app.

Michal Tavrovsky
Michal TavrovskyMenHealth

Velvetech recently assisted Healix with the software development and release of our online ordering system. The Velvetech team was focused and professional, consistently ensuring on time deliverables, which is crucial in our healthcare business. Velvetech provides professional service and an excellent customer experience. We gladly recommend their services.

Mark Winters
Mark WintersHealix, Inc.

We didn’t have the resources in-house to accelerate our opportunities, and we would still not be to market if we hadn’t gone to a very capable outside contractor to help to accelerate our process. Velvetech were very articulate, polite and professional. We’re very pleased with our working relationship with Velvetech and hope they can be part of our operation into the foreseeable future.

Gerald Bedwell
Gerald BedwellIncreMedical, LLC

My Company has partnered with Velvetech on 30+ projects since 2001 and they have consistently exceeded our expectations in design, delivery, and product performance. They bring extensive IT and programming knowledge to our discussions and the team consistently maintains the highest level of customer service and focus.

George Witter
George WitterMedED Architects

I just want to express how satisfied I am with the Velvetech team. As a prior DIO working with many offshore teams including teams I built and managed, the Velvetech team has been the most pleasant and easiest to work with. Everything from communication, documents, code quality, and understanding of our requirements has been top notch.

Mark Werner
Mark WernerWellfit
Our Clients and Partners

Our Approach to Custom Healthcare Software Development Services Delivery

1. Planning

Together with project stakeholders, our team identifies the project specific goals. We establish detailed project plans, timelines, applicable regulations, and resources to provide a clear roadmap for the development process. It helps prevent scope creep, budget overruns, and ensure that the software aligns with your organization’s strategic objectives.

2. Design

In this phase, we conceptualize the software’s architecture and user interface. It involves creating wireframes, defining the user experience, and outlining the software’s visual design. This step is essential for ensuring that software meets the specific user needs whether they are healthcare professionals or patients.

3. Development and Testing

Here, our development and QA teams work together on the actual coding and testing of your healthcare software. Skilled developers write the code, follow security practices, implement APIs, and integrate necessary features and functionalities. Simultaneously, rigorous testing is carried out to identify and address any issues.

4. Deployment

Before rolling out your solution, we make sure it follows all the requirements and regulations and protects personal data. Then, the software is deployed into the production environment, which involves its installation and configuration on the relevant servers or devices. We also make sure that all project documentation is up to date.

5. Support and Maintenance

Velvetech’s team continues to support and monitor your software performance and address any issues if they arise. Our technical assistants provide regular updates and patches to keep your healthtech solution secure, up-to-date, and aligned with changing healthcare needs and regulatory requirements.

6. Software Modernization

Sometimes, there might be a need for software evolution and upgrade to comply with the latest hardware and software environments and meet the dynamic demands of the healthcare industry. In this case, we are ready to modernize your solution by incorporating new features, improving performance, and ensuring required compatibility.


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