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Velvetech helps companies build effective cloud strategies and supports the development of secure and scalable cloud-based IT solutions that allow continuous business operations and foster growth.

Key Services We Offer

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

It all starts with the right strategy, that’s why our seasoned cloud professionals help companies elaborate on a comprehensive roadmap that aligns with their goals. From assessing current infrastructures to planning migration and optimizing costs, we’re here to assist.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application Development

Backed up by the latest technologies and best practices, we build robust, scalable, and secure cloud-based applications tailored to your business needs. If you’re looking to develop a solution that makes the most of the cloud approach, our team is ready to help.

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Our cloud services and solutions go beyond consulting and app development and extend to handling the complexities of our clients’ cloud environments. We monitor and maintain IT infrastructures to reduce operational costs, minimize downtime, and enhance performance.


Cloud Services To Supercharge Your Operations

Cloud Strategy & Planning

By consulting our experts on any cloud matters, you’ll gain practical knowledge on how to implement a robust strategy that reflects your company’s goals.

Cloud Migration

We ensure smooth transition whether it’s transferring your digital assets from on-premises to the cloud or changing a provider with cloud-to-cloud migration.

Cloud Optimization

Our specialists will optimize your cloud by utilizing more cost-efficient services, migrating to open-source licenses, and decommissioning unused resources.

Cloud Integration

With our cloud integration consultants on duty, there’s always seamless communication and data exchange across your cloud and on-premises applications.

Cloud Analytics

The cloud allows leveraging advanced data analytics tools and techniques to gain valuable insights, supercharge decisions, and enhance business outcomes.

DevOps and Automation

Accelerate your development cycle, improve business processes, and streamline cloud operations by adopting DevOps solutions and best delivery practices.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We’ll take care of your tech environment through monitoring, robust backup strategies, and software updates, ensuring its stability and performance.

Cloud Security & Compliance

Rely on our expert guidance and robust security measures to safeguard your cloud environment, protect sensitive data, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Business continuity is paramount, so our engineers provide reliable data protection and quick recovery solutions to minimize downtime and data loss.

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Reliable Cloud Providers At Your Service

Oracle Cloud
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
IBM Cloud
case studies

The client wanted to automate the deployment of their app to save time, increase accuracy, and ensure auto-scaling. We started by consulting the company about the best way to approach it and reviewing the code of their software, then migrated it from Azure to AWS cloud and built CI/CD pipelines.

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case studies

Velvetech brings a thirty-year-old software system that a plant-growing family business relied on to cloud technology. The new cloud app, integrated with the accounting system QuickBooks, ensures seamless daily operations from any location and supports business continuity.

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case studies

The project involved getting away from Excel spreadsheets to a custom cloud app. We built a custom solution that streamlined inventory management for an energy company and equipped its employees with easy-to-use tools and dashboards for daily activities.

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case studies

We help Supervest develop a robust SaaS platform made of partner and investor portals and a mobile app. The solution facilitates merchant cash advance investments and bridges the gap between investors, MCA funding companies, and merchants who seek loans.

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case studies

With years spent delivering data analytics services, Velvetech implements new features and optimizes the code for a cloud application of Real Data Strategies. Intuitive dashboards, data-driven reports, and integration with a marketing content tool help real estate firms and sales professionals take the right actions.

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Cloud Solution For Your Business Needs


While working with various cloud providers, we know what each of them can offer to guarantee cost-efficiency and scalability. It’s ideal for dynamic workloads and businesses seeking rapid deployment and flexible resource management.


Velvetech works with private, or on-premises, solutions that benefit organizations requiring dedicated infrastructure and compliance with stringent data regulations. Gain enhanced control and security.


Our expertise in cloud implementation services includes integrating on-premises and public infrastructures for optimal flexibility and performance. Combine the best of both worlds to address your unique scenario.

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Single Cloud vs. Multi-Cloud Strategy

Single Cloud

Companies leveraging cloud development have several strategies to opt for. Relying on a single cloud to host your apps and data simplifies management.

Since all services and resources are consolidated under one provider, you can also benefit from potentially lower costs due to bulk purchasing and streamlined billing.

However, this strategy also presents risks, such as vendor lock-in, and makes it challenging to switch providers or negotiate terms.

Reduced redundancy and resilience can become a concern, as any service disruption at the provider’s end could impact your entire cloud environment.

Single Cloud vs. Multi-Cloud


A multi-cloud approach offers enhanced flexibility, allowing you to leverage the unique strengths and capabilities of different providers.

By distributing workloads across various clouds, a business can avoid vendor lock-in, enhance redundancy, and improve resilience against service outages.

Yet, managing multiple cloud environments is complex and requires robust integration, management, and security measures.

Velvetech offers cloud consulting services to assess your long-term goals, resources, and current digital environment and choose an approach that best supports your business objectives.


Secure Cloud Services Built On Years of Expertise

For over 20 years, Velvetech has been developing custom software for businesses across various sectors, helping them implement the right technology to address their needs. With that in mind, we have accumulated robust expertise with cloud-based solutions and have become a trusted cloud consulting company.

Our software engineers, data analysts, and DevOps experts work in tandem with BAs, PMs, and QA professionals to deliver cloud services and apps. They regularly acquire new certifications and pass renewal assessments for the current ones to stay up-to-date with evolving technology and provide more value for clients.


Cloud Team That Aspires to Learn and Develop

Azure Developer Associate
Azure Administrator Associate
Azure Solutions Architect Expert
Data Analyst Associate
Power Platform Solution Architect Expert
Microsoft Certified: Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate
Power Platform Developer Associate
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

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For Those Who Want More Than Just Cloud

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud computing and AI development often go hand in hand, allowing organizations to leverage advanced technologies and expert consulting to create scalable and intelligent solutions that drive innovation and efficiency.

Internet of Things

IoT solutions require robust data storage and processing capabilities and involve cloud implementation services to ensure seamless integration and efficient management of vast amounts of data generated by connected devices.

Big Data

The duo of cloud and big data technologies enables businesses to benefit from advanced analytics and gain valuable insights, improve decision-making, drive the company’s growth, and much more.


Benefits That Go Along With Cloud Consulting Services

Optimized Cloud Spend

Cloud consultants help you identify cost-saving opportunities, eliminate wasteful spending, and ensure you only pay for the resources you need.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Cloud solutions speed up product launches and innovation cycles allowing market players to gain a competitive edge faster.

Robust Security Measures

With cloud experts in your team, you’ll get data and apps protected with robust security frameworks and tailored to industry standards.

Flexible Approach

Services of experienced consultancy and advisory will help you design scalable and adaptable architectures that grow with your organization.

On-Demand Resources

The right cloud configuration enables you to access the required resources on demand, ensuring agility and responsiveness to your business needs.

Performance Optimization

Guided adoption of cloud solutions comes with the ability to optimize the performance of your operations and enhance their efficiency.

Proactive Risk Management

Experienced cloud developers know how to spot and minimize potential disruptions of cloud environments before they impact business processes.

Sustainable Practices

Consultation with cloud providers and companies offering relevant services helps reduce the environmental footprint and build eco-friendly strategies.


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