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Velvetech has proved its excellence in solving complex business problems of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies through the design, development, and implementation of cutting-edge digital technologies. The comprehensive software solutions created by our experts have helped many pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, medical and dental practices to maintain regulatory compliance, increase operational efficiency and enhance the quality of provided services.

Finance and Banking

Velvetech is recognized as the leading provider of specialized software for financial, banking and trading companies operating in a heavily regulated high-risk environment. In addition to offering banking and payment systems customization and integration services, we deliver powerful financial analytics products, such as technology-driven platforms for trading and investment portfolio management. Our innovative hardware acceleration technologies and capital markets apps have enabled our clients to succeed in the highly competitive financial market.


The ongoing digital transformation changes the ways insurance companies raise capital, assess risks, develop client relationships, and protect personal data. As a leading supplier of on-demand technology solutions for the insurance industry, Velvetech helps market giants to rebuild their legacy systems and digital-first carriers to accommodate innovative ideas. Reshaping the traditional insurance service management and distribution models, our company creates powerful platforms and advanced web and mobile applications.


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