One of the premier IT events in the area of intelligent business management bpm’online Global Tour brings together the technology thought leaders and representatives of the business community from all over the world.

Every year the top-notch bpm’online team embarks on an exciting journey across 10 different cities around the globe: from Sao Paulo to Sydney. This year on May 11th they stopped for a two-day event in Boston to meet American software development companies, which are at the very forefront of exploring digital innovations. Velvetech also attended this industry leading gathering, being invited by bpm’online as one of the keynote presenters.

Velvetech at bpm'online Global Tour

Global Tour 2017 attracted not only the existing bpm’online clients and partners but also many business owners looking for high-quality business automation solutions.

The rich program of the event offered a variety of presentations, trainings, and workshops. The focus of these sessions was on the bpm’online products, recent advances in CRM design, and integration of innovative technologies.

Among the BPM experts presenting at Global Tour, one could find Katherine Kostereva, bpm’online CEO and Managing Partner. Together with other keynote speakers, she tried to convey the core message of Global Tour 2017:

The unique synergy of BPM technologies and CRM is the new power behind the effective automation of core business processes and accelerated time-to-strategy execution.

On the second day of Global Tour bpm’online team traditionally held Community Forum. It provides business and technology practitioners with a platform for discussing best practices and personal experience related to the practical use of bpm’online CRM and digital tools for effective business process management.

By participating in the event, the members of the ever growing bpm’online community of clients and partners had an opportunity to learn about the successful business strategies that allowed companies to accelerate performance and stay ahead of the competition.

Software Tools Consolidation
for Better Business Perfomance:
Practical Experience

Velvetech had the pleasure of sharing with the forum’s attendees its considerable experience in developing solutions for 360-degree business automation. Implementing the technology tools consolidation and integration under the single roof of bpm’online platform, Velvetech has enabled the performance of various business operations within one system.

Velvetech’s clients do not need to switch anymore between different applications for email marketing, phone communications, document management, order processing, billing, and accounting, as all these tasks can be successfully completed within the bpm’online CRM.

For business owners, this means saved time and money, what invariably leads to more satisfied customers and an improved bottom line.

Velvetech Receives an Award from bpm’online

Though having a relatively recent partnership, both Velvetch and bpm’online have already proved in practice that their cooperation can bring many benefits to companies, changing the very idea of business processes automation.

Recognizing the Velvetech’s software development excellence and readiness to innovate and customize the existing solutions to serve the clients’ needs, this year bpm’online presented an award to the company’s CEO Yuri Yushkov. Under a storm of applauses, he received a memorial plaque “For outstanding engineering skills” from the hands of Alexander Donchuk, Global Channel Director of bpm’online.

Symbolizing deep trust between Velvetech and bpm’online, the award has laid down a stronger foundation for the future technology cooperation between the two companies.

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