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Trusted company delivering software development services to create meaningful and comprehensive enterprise applications for your business to evolve.

Key Services We Offer

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Our experienced software engineers will work with you to design, develop, and implement a customized, full-spectrum enterprise solution in accordance with your company’s unique challenges and goals.

Enterprise App Integration

Enterprise App Integration

Whether it is a third-party entreprise software or a custom built solution, our developers will help you integrate it into your existing IT infrastructure for seamless and consistent experience.

Legacy App Modernization

Legacy App Modernization

Modernization is a reliable way to enhance software without a complete rebuild. Give your solution a makeover or implement new technologies to ensure it meets the current demands of enterprise application development.

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Deep industry knowledge and technology expertise play a pivotal role in achieving significant results in enterprise software engineering. Nonetheless, the soft skills of your development team will be the secret sauce of your success. Forward-thinking, goal setting, thorough planning, and documentation guarantee the long-term profitability of your enterprise solution.

Webinar: How to Onboard an External Team

How to Onboard an External Team

Want to learn how to effectively expand your team and smoothly integrate an external one to accelerate your project?

Watch our webinar to unveil the tricks of onboarding a tech partner and incorporating it into the process to foster your product delivery.


Enterprise Software Development Services

Optimal business performance relies on first-class software that is tailored to complement your company’s goals. Velvetech’s capabilities to deliver enhanced or new business functionality is unparalleled in the industry.

Enterprise Technology Consulting

If you need to validate your software project idea or if you encounter some issues during the development, our tech consultants will lend you a hand on either of these cases.

Enterprise Mobility Development

We provide mobile application development services for any enterprise needs to facilitate business processes, increase employees’ performance, and enhance customer experience.

Enterprise Web Development

Embrace the potential of web technologies for your enterprise application like ERP, CRM, and CMS systems, eCommerce platforms, corporate portals, or any other custom software.

Enterprise Data Management

We’ll help you harness vast amount of enterprise data by guiding you on all stages of the data management journey aimed to boost process transparency and decision-making.

Digital Transformation

If you’re looking for a tech partner to drive your enterprise digital transformation, our expertise in software development services will help you carry out a technology change.

Managed IT Services & DevOps

Our team of DevOps engineers are ready to automate and speed up integration, testing, delivery, and maintenance of your software to support tech stability and innovation.

Third-Party Software Customization

To help you build a consistent IT infrastructure, we’ll take care of customizing and integrating third-party solutions so they perfectly fit into your existing business environment.

Maintenance and Support

Software development services we provide aren’t limited with building robust enterprise solutions — our team is ready to update your app, fix bugs, and ensure it remains secure.

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Be Armed With The Right Software Solutions

Enterprise Web Apps

Our enterprise application development services encompass building a variety of web-based products like websites, corporate platforms, and complex web systems that support business.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Our skilled mobile app developers will help you design a mobile solution for your employees, customers, or partners to drive efficient communications, enhance services, or boost operations.

Enterprise SaaS Platforms

If you want to design an innovative SaaS product or incorporate services of existing SaaS solutions, our team is skilled in building and implementing SaaS platforms for all business verticals.

  • Call Center Automation
  • Communication Apps
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • ERP and CRM
  • Productivity Apps
  • ECM and Document Management
  • HRM Tools
  • Billing & Accounting
  • Enterprise Networking
  • Supply Chain Software
  • Performance Optimization
  • Information Security
case studies

Leider Greenhouses, a plant growing company, relied on a thirty-years-old solution to manage all stages of plant production. The company benefited from system modernization as it became cloud-based and could deliver better performance while ensuring security.

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case studies

We’ve delivered enterprise application development for an energy company to refine their inventory management operations. A cloud-based web solution allows for handling inventory-related activities during the employee onboarding and termination routines.

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case studies

Dinamic Oil turned to Velvetech with an ambitious custom enterprise application development initiative. As a result, our engineers have designed and developed a torque sensor and mobile apps to ensure innovative measuring control of the anchor installation process.

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case studies

The implementation of intrusion detection system to help a healthtech startup manage cybersecurity risks. Our team has developed a blockchain-based application that also relies on NLP technologies and cloud tools to protect clinics from data breaches.

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case studies

Velvetech delivers an Android mobile application integrated with the client’s ERP software to faciltate warehouse management operations. The solution allows employees to track assets on the go and log inventory data into the ERP system right on the spot.

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case studies

Through a range of tech solutions, Velvetech helped Insureon secure the leading position on a small business insurance market. We’ve upgraded their enterprise software, automated marketing and sales operations, and implemented speech and text recognition and call analytics to improve call center performance.

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Technologies to Fortify Enterprise Software Products


Leverage AI development and machine learning services to reinforce your enterprise solution and get benefits like automated operations, boosted efficiency, and reduced costs.


Capture valuable data, monitor operations, and control a variety of enterprise assets by embracing the power of the Internet of Things systems that can advance your business.


Blockchain technology incorporated in your enterprise software can boost infrastructure security, keep data private, and even automate operations by using Smart Contracts.

Data Science

If you deal with a lot of data and require help in achieving optimized operations and accelerated decision-making, then opt for data science tools to complement your solution.

Cloud Computing

With our cloud consulting services, you can employ Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to ensure all components of business environment stay flexible, scalable, and interconnected.


We’ll help you use low-code/no-code platforms to easily and quickly implement enterprise software through visual building blocks like drag-and-drop and pull-down menu interfaces.

Webinar: Transforming Business with GenAI-Infused Software

Transforming Business with GenAI-Infused Software

GenAI is generating buzz in tech and business communities, but what are the real benefits of its implementation for companies?

Watch our webinar to uncover opportunities GenAI creates for business and learn how to integrate it into your processes for maximum benefit.

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Why Velvetech

A Partner to Cover Your Enterprise Software Needs

As a full-cycle enterprise software development company, Velvetech has mastered the process of analyzing, planning, and building solutions that perfectly address various clients’ goals. A deep understanding of modern enterprise operations makes us a reliable partner for delivering tech projects of all complexities.

To help you leverage technology potential, we carefully select each developer that will be part of the enterprise software project team. Bringing together the right resources allows us to streamline the implementation process and remain versatile to any technical issues that may arise along the way.

  • Domain Expertise
  • Robust Code
  • Agile Approach
  • Effective Communications
  • Flexible Engagement Terms
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Technologies We Use


  • .NET Core
  • Entity Framework
  • NHibernate
  • Python
  • Node.js


  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • Knockout


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin
  • React.Native


  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • Apache CouchDB
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • DigitalOcean

What Our Clients Say

We had to have a software development partner, largely because we did not have all the capabilities internally. But as we picked that, we had to have somebody that could work at our pace and our speed. And that is where Velvetech came in. They have been amazing in enhancing our team every step of the way, adding capability. And they really do feel like a part of Insureon.

Ted Devine
Ted DevineCEO, Insureon

Velvetech has made a significant improvement in our peace of mind in terms of IT support. There’s not been one technology-related problem or issue that Velvetech hasn’t been able to solve. We’ve worked with a lot of tech firms over the years that were never able to figure things out. Velvetech is able to figure out every issue we face, which is excellent.

Kit Pierri
Kit PierriLeider Greenhouses

I’ve been working with Velvetech for about twelve years. I hired this firm to create some simple code for me, which grew into website development and our first mobile app. Velvetech is a one-stop shop for everything relating to the web… social media, mobile apps, websites. With their professionalism, expertise, and enthusiasm, Velvetech has grown to be an extension of my department. They’re always two steps ahead of me, which is invaluable.

Anne Hedrich
Anne HedrichApache Corporation

The solution has dramatically reduced manual requirements and improved operational scalability. With a vested interest in product efficacy, Velvetech strove to understand business needs and readily proposed valuable, experienced ideas. Organized project management enabled a cooperative partnership.

Robert D. Peck
Robert D. Peck20/20 Foresight

Over the decade dealing with Velvetech, we have worked together to create a full line of products, including GPS, internet, Sim card communication M2M technology and in every instance, we have found the management and developers at Velvetech to be exemplary. We have developed at least 15 new electronics devices with Velvetech and they have been on time and on budget in every case. This firm is a one stop shop to implement innovative ideas.

Janet WilliamsCOO, Cargo Dara Corporation

Velvetech was recommended to us by a friend who had worked with them in the past. Wow did we get lucky! Since 2005, Velvetech has been solid as a rock for us in our various product launches, maintenance, and enhancements. Yuri and Velvetech have played a critical role in the success of our business, and we are thankful each day that we chose the right path!

Greg Gorman
Greg GormanESGI, LLC
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