Since 2004, part of our mission has been to bring the best out of our clients. Through a global presence of over 70 full-time employees, we’re dedicated to delivering the best web, mobile, and IoT development solutions for telecoms, health care, fintech, and enterprise at large.

To emphasize this initiative, we’ve decided to begin working with Clutch to give an honest view into our operations and the meaningful projects we commit ourselves to for some amazing clients and partners.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington DC covering over 7,000 companies across 500+ industry verticals, from web developers to phone answering services. Their mission is to match the buyers and sellers on their site to harbor fruitful business relationships.

At the core of their analysis is client interviews, where Clutch’s team speaks to a company’s references on the trials, challenges, and results of their time working together. Intertwined, Clutch utilizes a unique scoring methodology that encompasses over a dozen unique factors such as clientele, market presence, and industry recognition. They are thereby able to form a Leaders Matrix for a particular industry and separate the firms that deliver from those that do not.

Our Clients on Clutch

Clutch has begun their evaluation of our skills in custom software, mobile app, and web development, as well as CRM consulting. Recently publishing our first review, here are some of the things a Senior VP at Medadept, ehealth software company, had to say about working with us:

“It was a positive experience, as Velvetech helped us accelerate our pace to market. The tools have been very well received, allowing us to build a pipeline that’s going to keep us busy until the end of this calendar year,” explained the Senior VP.

They elaborated on our coordination and facilitation of execution:

“They get high marks on project management. They did a good job of managing their resources and estimating time for delivery.”

The Senior VP was asked what they thought made us particularly impressive and unique:

“Velvetech is one of the best vendors we’ve worked with. They were quick, bright, and nice to work with…they learned quickly.”

To learn more about our clients’ experiences and how we’re a firm that consistently delivers, stay up-to-date with our Clutch profile.

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