Our SVP for Service and Delivery really knows how to get things done! Read his interview where he talks about the race, finishing with a great result, and how it relates to work.

Eugene Bryukhov is the Senior Vice President for Service and Delivery at Velvetech. As a sports lover and enthusiast, he participated in the recent half-marathon “Run for the Hills”, an annual community fundraiser event held at Moraine Hills State Park in McHenry County, IL, just a short drive from Chicago, last weekend.

Eugene finished the race of 350 runners with his new personal record of 1:40:32.2. On top of the participation award, he earned a medal for the first place in his age group, and we all at Velvetech are proud of this achievement!

The “Run for the Hills” marathon interview

Have you always been running? For how long?

No, I only started racing less than a year ago. My wife has been a runner for quite a while though, and one day I finally gave in to trying a short prep course for a half-marathon. And boy, am I glad I did! I was actually amazed it only took 12 weeks to get ready and survive the first race, but I had a great coach!

Do you have interests in some other sports? Can you tell our readers about them?

I am a strong believer in feeling good about the result of a job well done. That covers working out, too, which, in turn, gives you some extra boost to complete what’s planned work-wise, and go for an extra mile.

A few years back, I played tennis, but recently it’s mostly been watching sports: our older daughter plays in tennis tournaments. Her younger sister is into gymnastics, so you can imagine there are a few trips involved throughout the year. I guess my family made me realize I should try something healthy and competitive, so I’ve started enjoying running very much.

Why did you take part in this marathon? What inspired you?

I’ve heard about it from the guys we run with – they praised the views and the way the event is organized. I’ve tried it, and I can say I just loved the whole thing – the essence of local community spirit and support, mixed with attention from seasoned athletes and enthusiasts who came to take part in this race.

What do you think of your results? Would you have wished to perform better? What were the challenges in the race?

Well, I was hoping for a good result. All runners do, I’m sure! And it was very rewarding to have achieved the goal. The weather helped – a drizzle at a comfortable 60 Fahrenheit gave that extra something to shrink those miles. The hills along the way were sometimes challenging to climb, but hey, everyone was going through the same hills, so it was just a feature of the course.

What can you say about winning generally and in regard to the culture of teamwork at Velvetech?

Everyone likes to win. We at Velvetech like winning, too. But the win itself is only the apex, an extra effort put on top of hard work, smart prep strategy, and the talent within our teams. Be it in sports, or at completing a challenging task for a client, the basic concepts are the same.

How do running and fitness affect your work, or how do these complement it?

I can’t imagine how I’d manage without a proper run or a workout now. I’m sure everyone who’s tried one of those will second my opinion that whatever you do for fitness, will actually give you strength and energy to work more productively on a task, a project, or an account.

Can you tell our readers about a project by Velvetech that is related to running and keeping fit?

Certainly – it’s actually a funny story from my pre-running days. The project was about automating a fitness studio specialized in custom running programs. Naturally, there were treadmills to test the solution on. Guess who had to come to the office with a spare t-shirt and gym shorts, and roam around the office halls like that, just to try all the inclines and speeds from 0 to 15 (smiles).

What other noticeable projects that Velvetech completed can you compare to running a marathon?

If you draw the analogy, it really becomes a matter of distance – a short two-week integration project is like doing a 5K, while an account with a few enterprise-level systems to be delivered is like an Ironman race for everyone involved. Each requires its strategy and execution, and, just like in running, we have just the right people and approach for any distance.

Lastly, what was the lesson from your recent running experience?

Prep well, stay healthy, be ready for a challenge, and do your best to win. Not a lesson – rather an experience to be replicated and scaled up as many times as needed!

You have been very inspirational, thanks for your time.

Thank you too.

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