If software is eating the world, as Marc Andreessen once aptly noted, then IT project managers are maître d’s who get to serve the customer and manage both the waiting and the kitchen staff. The responsibility is tremendous because customers are craving for professional, top-of-the-line project management service.

With 50-60% percent of all projects completed on time and within budget, as per recent Project Management Institute’s survey, how do you make sure your project will not fail? Our 15-year expertise in software development suggests that a seasoned IT project manager can become the silver bullet for your project.

Let’s take a look at the traits of the effective project manager, so you know how to get the best one.

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1. Leadership

To lead a team is at the core of any project manager’s activity — a very versatile team in case of IT project managers. It takes a mix of developers, QA engineers, designers, business analysts, and other team members to deliver a software project.

The mindset of a visionary, who can focus on the investors’ business goal behind the daily development routine, is, therefore, a must-have quality for a promising IT project manager.

“Part of being a great project leader is being an actively engaged sponsor as it helps ensure stakeholders are aligned and the vision is communicated effectively.”

— Tony Meggs, Chief Executive at Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA)

How do you make sure your IT project manager is a natural leader? Well, effective leaders know how to:

2. Communication

A successful IT project manager excels at communication. After all, he or she is the focal point on the project that brings together a client’s team with a development team.

Therefore it’s in the project manager’s best interest to establish open lines of communication between both sides from the start of the project. The success of a project will hinge on a constant feedback loop between the project’s stakeholders and the development team.

The PMI’s global survey pinned down poor communication as the second most important factor in project failures.

How can you check if your IT project manager is a great communication enabler? Look for these signs:

3. Competence

From our experience, a competent IT project manager comes with a hands-on coding background. These are ex-developers and software architects who have outgrown their engineering capacity.

Competent IT project managers are not only well versed in the nitty-gritty of software development process. They also understand when a specific approach, such as waterfall of agile, will work best or what project management tools to use on a project, etc.

Here’s how the International Project Management Association envisions what they call an “Eye of Competence”:

IT Project Managers - the Eye of Competence

Source: IPMA Competence

How to make sure your IT project manager is competent?

4. Team Building

As noted above, a software development team — even when working on a small project — has many players with various roles. It takes a lot of talent to build them into a solidly performing team.

The team building trait somewhat correlates with leadership. The project manager’s task is to arrange the process in a way that everybody is performing at the top of their capacity.

An example of effective team building is when a project manager takes notice of a rockstar developer who is not a great team player and reassigns him to an isolated task, or swaps entirely for another developer.

IT project managers and team building

What to expect from an IT project manager who is a good team builder?

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5. Consistency

An effective IT project manager keeps a track record of successfully delivered software projects. If one project is delivered on time and within budget and another one is a flop, the effectiveness of a project manager is questionable. Businesses rely on results that can repeat.

6. Stress Resistance

Every software development project will inevitably start going astray at some point. It’s how things are. And the most common reasons are lack of involvement from the stakeholders and scope creep. Either situation is stressful, especially under a tight budget and a strict deadline.

Successful IT project managers will always walk the extra mile to win the project stakeholders’ attention and put the project back on track.

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