Trading Community Platform Development

We help build the platform for traders to leverage their knowledge and master their craft
  • Project: Development of a web platform for the trading community
  • Duration: 3+ years/ongoing
  • Technologies: ASP.NET Core, MS SQL, SignalR, Vue.js
  • Target audience: Traders and investors

YellowTunnel is a platform envisioned to help traders and investors elevate their trading performance and fuel positive returns. The community provides ample resources to support profitable trading and identify new opportunities to do it in a smart way.


The founder of YellowTunnel, Vlad Karpel, has boundless enthusiasm for trading mixed with his deep expertise in this field. He wanted to share his knowledge and create a digital hub for like-minded traders with valuable resources to help them advance skills and gain profits.

The Client’s Request

Velvetech and Vlad have been working together since 2012. For many years, we’ve been collaborating on various software development projects and tech initiatives. One of the most prominent was the implementation of the intelligent trading platform that quickly gained recognition.

Eager to make high-return trade opportunities available for independent investors and help them manage their money, Vlad approached Velvetech’s team with another project idea to tackle. This time, it was about delivering a community platform where he could share his experience, unveil successful trading strategies, and provide effective tools for self-directed investors.


Some might think that investing is a game of luck. In fact, it’s quite a challenging activity full of risks that relies heavily on data and, to a great extent — emotional intelligence. Given the dynamic nature of markets, there’s an enormous amount of data to track, tools to use, and tricks to learn in order to gain profit.

On the other side, there are a lot of resources and knowledge that can help traders, whether novice or experienced, develop advanced skills and succeed in their pursuit. Yet, there is likely no such app or tool that, based on statistics, analytics, and understanding of human behavior, would deliver effective and consolidated support.

That was precisely what Vlad intended to do — create the platform for the community of traders and provide them with an unparalleled opportunity to elevate trading skills, market awareness, and profits. Our team was happy to lend a hand again and address this endeavor.

Velvetech has been a great partner who helped us build a world-class platform for retail investors. This partnership helps us attract retail investors and provides tools for investors to manage their money and make informed trading decisions.

Vlad Karpel

CEO, YellowTunnel


The project scope included a variety of functionalities to be delivered. At the start, Vlad provided our team with a design layout, so our developers then turned this concept into reality and made it live by building the frontend part of the website.

YellowTunnel Trading Platform Development

As a result of this website development stage, users can easily navigate the platform, look through well-thought-out landing pages, and enjoy interactive elements that help increase user engagement.

The website contains a blog post section covering diverse topics on trading concepts and markets. You can also find key information about the platform, FAQ section, testimonials, and other helpful content.

Trading Performance

In order to help Vlad highlight profitable trading strategies, we’ve implemented an algorithm that goes through market data and finds meaningful patterns. This wouldn’t be possible without our API development expertise that our team leveraged to integrate YellowTunnel with exchanges and data providers to aggregate stock quotes, historical prices, and company information.

Based on data analytics performed by this tool, the platform allows for making trend predictions and finding key support and resistance levels in the market. It sets the ground for scanning the market for a stock that should outperform its peers or asset classes by a certain time frame. Ultimately, with YellowTunnel, Vlad makes it easy to manage portfolios and invest.

Trading Performance

Workshops and Webinars

As we’ve mentioned, trading is not only about numbers; it takes into account psychology as well. To deliver knowledge of this kind, Vlad offers roundtables and webinars where he invites different industry experts. They provide feedback and guidance on how to use Trading Psychology concepts to become better investors.

On top of that, YellowTunnel supports various coaching programs and daily live trading sessions where investors can develop a strategic trading plan and learn how to trade stocks and options in an efficient manner. The platform allows users to watch the recordings or subscribe to the workshops they are interested in most.


To allow users to fully benefit from seizing all the opportunities that YellowTunnel lays out, our team has implemented the functionality that enables subscription management. Accordingly, there are several levels of membership users can choose from, in addition to basic division into the free and paid subscription.

The latter required the platform to integrate with payment systems to facilitate online payment processing. It was decided to choose Stripe and PayPal services that offer gateways for seamless integration. Now users can easily pay for their subscriptions.

Trading Platform Membership


Once the development and deployment of the system were over, it was time to think about its optimization for search engines. Our SEO specialists applied tried and tested strategies to improve the website, increase its visibility, and make it rank higher. As SEO is a continuous process, we keep working to enhance the quality and quantity of traffic to YellowTunnel from search engines.


YellowTunnel Platform - Outcome

At the end of the project implementation, Vlad acquired a robust, responsive, secure, and scalable solution. Investors can leverage it to gain valuable insights through direct hands-on experience. YellowTunnel has already received a lot of positive feedback from traders who distinguish it from other trading platforms and take advantage of the meaningful opportunities it identifies.

What’s Next

We are glad to continue our long-term partnership with Vlad and work on further improving YellowTunnel. Our team is adding new functionality that will make it easier to highlight trends and streamline the process of making informed predictions and decisions on trades for users.

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