The FIA Expo 2017, staged this year on October 17-19 at Hilton Chicago, is one of the most prominent trade shows for members of the global financial market, listed derivatives and cleared swaps industry. This unique platform with abundant networking opportunities and a full conference programme opens the way for discussing the key issues that industry faces.

This year FIA Expo gathered over 5,000 professionals, regulators, and fintech executives to share their hands-on experience in the changing world of the futures, options, and cleared swaps across more than 100 discussion panels.

Velvetech joined its forces with one of our most valued and close customers and partners Tradespoon to take part in this grand event. Tradespoon Intelligent Trading Platform, FPGA-based hardware acceleration technologies for HFT, and innovative market data processing solutions developed by Velvetech sparked quite an interest and kept the ongoing flood of visitors to our collaborative booth.

Velvetech team was proud to indulge in thoughtful and inspiring discussions with the expo visitors about implementing such trade processing components as real-time market data handlers, message, symbol, and content-aware filtering, data decoding and normalization, electronic eye, trading strategy execution, risk check, order generation, audit trail, and more.

Velvetech team at FinTech trade show

One of the highlights of this year’s FIA Expo, as noted by FIA reporter Chuck Mackie, was the presence of regulators and government officers at the event. ‘I do find myself looking forward to the appearance of the regulators at FIA events. It all began with Chairman Gary Gensler…, shifted to the enlightened commissioners Sommers, O’Malia, and Wetjen, started to really turn the corner under the leadership of Chairman Massad and culminated in a personal man-crush on current Chairman Giancarlo… I wasn’t disappointed.’

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Neither was the Velvetech’s leadership team. The Expo participants expressed great interest in Velvetech’s know-hows for innovative Market Data Processing and Trading Solutions based on low latency software with integrated hardware acceleration using FPGA Technology.

The networking rounds brought about a plethora of new lucrative connections that promise development of innovative technology products and services for fintech startups and industry veterans alike.

Velvetech is happy to invite you to join in a mutual effort as we carve out the landscape of the rapidly changing fintech industry. Our company has a proven track record of successful realization of the most complex tech solutions and services for financial institutions that include banking and trading companies.

As company’s CEO Yuri Yushkov puts it, ‘Our successful inventions at the intersection of hardware and software for the enterprise is the main evidence of a simple fact: there are no unsolvable tech challenges. Instead, there are countless opportunities.’

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