In their annual press release, featuring the best firms around the globe in their respective industries, Clutch has also decided to highlight the 1,000 strongest firms on their platform.

The Clutch 1000 features the top 1000 B2B companies around the world

It’s with great excitement that we’re able to announce our inclusion on this list, especially in such a forward-thinking industry!

Being nominated alongside the highest rated B2B companies around the globe, from software developers to brand consultants, it’s an honor to have our hard work recognized by Clutch.

As many of our readers know, Clutch is a research and reviews firm based in Washington D.C. that sifts through the market in order to find service providers with the ability to deliver.

The most crucial part of their evaluation lies in 10-15 minute phone interviews their team conducts with a firm’s references. These calls go in-depth and detail concerning the nitty gritty of how the project was managed, the scope of work, measurable results and more.

Take a look at our Clutch profile for a closer look at what’s distinguished our team as one of the highest performing teams in the world. As a preview of the feedback:

“The impact is significant. We are now able to import and update data into our database nearly three times faster than we could before.”

“Their sprint methodology facilitated effective and highly collaborative project management, with clearly delineated assigned roles for each developer. Communication was systematic and always on schedule.”

“We appreciated their engaged approach to the process design prior to building the technology. Rather than simply ask us what we wanted, they quickly grasped the nuances of our business, offering their own experienced advice and ideas to optimize and enhance certain aspects.”

Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, also highlighted our team on their company list of the best software developers in the world. It’s a great feat to receive recognition on both platforms and for that, we’re pleased.

Thank you again to our clients, family, and friends who have supported us on our journey! Without your help and support, it’s hard to imagine our team at such great heights.

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