Cloud Phone System Implementation for Manufacturing Company

Velvetech implemented Cloud Phone System for a manufacturing company and integrated it with Creatio CRM.
Wizard Cutters

Wizard Cutters is a company offering innovative cutting solutions to the custom picture framing industry. They manufacture computerized mat cutters and provide industry-leading software that facilitates visualization of ideas and helps custom framers run an efficient business.


The Client had Creatio CRM software implemented and was looking for ways to integrate it with their phone system. In addition, it became obvious that their telephony did not provide enough flexibility and could not entirely meet their business needs. Thus, it was time for a change.


Time frames were the biggest challenge that our team faced in the first days of the project. It occurred that the Client had been using a legacy-like phone system that left no time for slow and steady modernization.

The Client’s phone system was no longer viable, and a new solution should have come in an instant. Velvetech was given the responsibility to implement cloud telephony within the shortest possible time. It was important to support business processes running without interruptions.


Implementation of VELVETEL Cloud Phone System

At the beginning of the project, the Client realized the need to replace their old analog phone service with modern and more flexible telephony. Apparently, their on-premise system was quite outdated and did not support business requirements, including integration with a CRM.

Velvetech provided the Client with a free trial run of the Velvetel Cloud Phone System, the functionality of which completely satisfied the company. It was an obvious choice based on the good value for money.

Coincidentally, the previous phone system completely died when Velvetech was about to start working on the project. Thus, the first and most critical task was the quick implementation of the new cloud solution. It was vital to keep Wizard Cutters communication processes in full force.

Phone system upgrade

In nearly one day, our team implemented the service of the new telephony to replace the previous one. Following this, another essential step was to port all phone numbers to a new provider so the company could keep the same phone numbers, coordinate the network set-up, and connect desk phones to the network.

As a result of this swift and smooth implementation, the company staff could continue communicating with colleagues and clients and providing their excellent service for the picture framing industry.

Integration with Creatio CRM

When Wizard Cutters contacted Velvetech, they had already had Creatio CRM solution implemented as the software for their operational and customer-facing processes. In order to see the full functionality of the platform, the company needed to integrate it with their phone system.

With the use of VoIP connector for Creatio, Velvetech successfully integrated telephony with the CRM empowering the Client with call management and call analytics.

The integration allows CRM users to see all call details in one place and benefit from analytics based on this data. For Wizard Cutters, it meant effective communication with clients and colleagues supported with history logged in one place.

Cloud Phone System Integration with Creatio CRM

Managing Call Queues

The Client also wanted to manage calls more effectively and ensure smooth service for calling customers. To meet this request, Velvetech implemented call queues functionality. This solution enables distributing incoming calls to available staff members or putting them on hold while waiting in line.

Managing Call Queues

Additionally, the call queue management system plays a vital role in call analytics; it supports the Client with statistical details and KPI reports. For example, the company can see the average waiting time or monitor the length of breaks between calls.


Wizard Cutters has ensured its communication processes with a powerful custom solution. The alliance of Creatio CRM and VELVETEL cloud phone system provided the Client with a single interface for managing and controlling customer communications.

The company agents can now access the entire call history or manage customer activities on a call. On top of that, the Client can analyze the quality of communications with customers and has tools to track the number of call attempts and conversations, duration of calls, and call results.

Ultimately, the project has enhanced business process visibility and streamlined communications within and outside the company improving its efficiency.

What’s Next

Velvetech continues working on additional implementations of the cloud phone system for Wizard Cutters. To complete the functionality of Velvetel telephony, we are providing the Client with a card service for international calls that will enable making outgoing calls with the use of PIN-protected cards.

Eventually, this service will enhance security and calls control by restricting a range of numbers an agent can dial internationally.

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