Call Analytics and Transcription Service for Inbound Call Center

Velvetech implements AI to increase conversion rates and performance of the call center for the document management service company.
  • Project: AI-powered Call Analytics and Transcription Service Implementation
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Technologies: Low-code CRM platform Creatio, Velvetech’s Call Analytics platform, NICE InContact, Apache Cassandra, Tornado Web Server, Angular
  • Target audience: Call center management and agents
DataGuard USA – Records Nations and Shred Nations

DataGuard USA is the company providing custom solutions for any document management needs nationwide. They have two brands – Records Nations and Shred Nations – that allow businesses to manage their information more efficiently. The company connects individuals and businesses to local service providers for scanning, storing, and shredding all formats of private information.


The client has an inbound call center with a large number of daily calls. Their agents communicate with individuals looking for a smart way to shred their private data and connect them to the right service providers. The company was looking for options to increase their agents’ performance and improve business efficiency.

The Client’s Request

As the whole strategy aimed to improve call center productivity, the company was looking for ways to cut down on inefficient calls and increase the number of effective communications. They needed a solution that would help them have a better image of their target audience and their needs.

Inbound call center

The Power of AI for Call Centers

To help the Client make the most of calls, Velvetech suggested adopting AI and machine learning technologies. There were no doubts they would assist the company with a thorough scanning of call recordings.

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We wanted to help the Client understand how certain phrases influence the conversation and why some agents are more productive than others. Keeping that in mind, we aimed to deliver a solution that would help DataGuard USA discover customer needs faster and process calls more efficiently.

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Gaining Control of Customer Engagements

What if every customer could deal with your single most effective sales or service person?

How We Did It

It all started with a consultation that let Velvetech explore the Client’s pain points. The configuration of current software – CRM and telephony – covered only their basic needs.

The company was in search of powerful tools to help analyze their call center job and propel its potential. It was clear for our team what solutions would be best suited for the Client and how to empower their marketing staff with advanced insights.

The solutions included:

CRM Implementation

The company had already been using one of the CRM platforms for tracking communications with clients. However, that solution did not entirely meet their business objectives and left some uncovered key areas.

Velvetech, together with DataGuard USA, chose CRM Creatio as the platform for supporting customer interactions. This CRM was a perfect match for the Client empowering them with tools to store call data and access call results. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and advanced data filtering make this platform intuitive and easy-to-use.

On top of that, Creatio offers:

  • Out-of-the-box processes based on industry best practices
  • Full control of the customer journey
  • Routine tasks automation
  • Customer care excellence
  • Intuitive and engaging interface

Experienced in the CRMs implementation, Velvetech applied its best practices to facilitate the delivery process and completed it within agreed deadlines.

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With the adoption of CRM Creatio, DataGurad USA has gained a powerful ground for effective communications and a tool for storing, monitoring, and retrieving vital customer data. It was time to complete it with a forceful engine to analyze calls.

NICE InContact Integration and Call Transcription

The Client was exploiting NICE InContact platform – telephony and queue management system. For the successful integration of call analytics software, our team used their existing API. Accordingly, DataGuard USA could manage calls, track all communication history, and access call recordings in the CRM.

Access to call recordings in the CRM

Call transcriptions boost the quality monitoring process and operational efficiency – something the company wanted to enhance in the first place. Moving forward with the Client’s request, Velvetech provided speech-to-text transcription service and personalized it to the specific needs of the company.

DataGuard USA wanted to pay attention to post-call analytics. As a result, transcriptions appear several minutes after the call is over and enable efficient logging of the context and words spoken in this call.

Access to call analytics and transcription in the CRM

Additionally, the system allows the Client to choose what calls they want to transcribe. Depending on the customized set of preferences, the company can pick which calls to process and which to leave aside. For example, they can omit calls less than 15 seconds in duration and concentrate their efforts on more significant conversations.


Velvetech faced no insurmountable challenges, yet there is one noteworthy that came upon the pathway.

When the call is received and handled, the Client’s agent connects the customer to a certain service provider. Usually, when the call is transferred, all parts of the conversation with a customer are included in a single call recording.

It was important to restrict transcription only for the initial part of the call – the conversation with the DataGuard USA agent.

Velvetech has swiftly resolved this task and provided the solution precisely for the required part of the call.

I would recommend Velvetech services because through the entire process of our project we felt well informed, listened to, and had full confidence in the technical ability of the team. Additionally, we appreciate the responsiveness and value.

Diane Janson

Director of IT, DataGuard USA


With the implementation of AI-powered Speech-to-Text Transcription and Call Analytics platform, DataGuard USA has obtained a solution to ensure call center efficiency. Now they can retrieve detailed information from calls and make data-driven decisions based on:

  • Call recordings
  • On-demand or real-time speech-to-text transcriptions with dialog visualization, speaker identification, and timestamps
  • Call details, including call duration, agent/customer talk time, on-hold time, and time to connect
Improved Call Center Efficiency with Call Analytics and Transcription Service

CRM Creatio integrated with intelligent data analysis allows the company to expeditiously scrutinize calls and get meaningful insights in one stroke and in one place.

Ultimately, the Client got a plain overview of how agents handle incoming calls.

A Horizon of Possibilities: AI-Powered Call Analytics

Milton Berle, an American actor, once said, “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”. Well, the door was built. We equipped the Client with the call analytics solution to empower access to all conversational data.

It is crucial for contact center efficiency to understand what makes the work of certain agents fruitful and how their practices can be fostered among others.

On top of that, inferring customer intent is not less, if not more important.

  • Why is the customer calling?
  • What causes negative experience?
  • What makes the customer satisfied?

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Call Analytics helps to extract meaningful insights and serve as a guide for contact center improvement.

  • Agent scoring
  • Script adherence
  • Top skills identification
  • Powerful words and phrases discovery
  • New reps onboarding and training
  • Average call handle time reduction
  • Instant access to call center activities reports

As a result, AI-Powered Call Analytics provides an opportunity to serve customers better and increase conversion rates.

What Now

Keeping all the Client’s pain points in mind, we continue working on additional implementations of the Call Analytics. We move on with supplementary features to facilitate the dissemination of best practices across their call center agents and increase the number of productive calls.

Velvetech is supporting the Client with a wide range of analytic report tools for script improvements, reduced average handle time, and enhanced call center performance.

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