AI-Based Contact Center

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What if every customer deals with your single most effective salesperson?

52% conversion growth over 6 months
WEBINAR: Gaining Control of Contact Center Performance

Gaining Control of Contact Center Performance

What if every customer could deal with your single most effective sales and service person?

Watch the webinar, where Velvetech and Creatio experts discuss how AI and low-code technologies boost the performance of contact centers and elevate productivity across the sales, service, and marketing teams.

Drive your growth

Elevate Productivity Across the Board

  • Grow business faster
  • Make outcomes predictable
  • Keep tabs on performance
  • Set up transparent workflows
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Get real-time insights
Front line
  • Enjoy productivity growth
  • Help customers faster
  • Boost confidence on the call
What you get

Full-Featured AI Contact Center Suite

More than call center

Contact Center Tailored to Your Business Needs

Set up a contact center that adapts to your specific business needs and lets you scale your business faster and in a more predictable manner.

Power of AI

Higher Conversion Rates

Empower your sales and customer service conversations with AI capabilities. And see them squash your quotas for sales and resolved issues.

Who’s your perfect agent?

Your Staff at Their Peak Performance

Reduce the ramp-up time for newcomers by training them on your perfect agent model. It’s a winning combination of your top performers’ skills and AI insights.

Actionable Analytics

Smarter Decisions

Get a real-time view of your key performance metrics. Use these insights to determine what drives more deals to scale up your success.

Features that Matter

Intelligent Solutions for Data-Driven
Sales and Service Calls

Unified Contact Center

Unified Communications Platform

Reach your customers via calls, emails, texts, and social messaging — all from a single platform.

  • Inbound and outbound call center
  • Power Dialer
  • Data capture for call disposition, call notes and results
  • Activities planning and task management
  • Sending follow-ups and SMS notifications for missed calls
  • Integration with CRMs and business decision support systems
Real-Time Call Analytics and Transcription

Call Analytics

Make every call count toward the bottom line with built-in real-time and post-call analytics.

  • Call transcripts with dialogue visualization
  • Call timing details
  • Call recording and playback with timestamps
  • Agent auto-scoring based on preset criteria

Conversation Intelligence

PowerDialer - Conversation Intelligence

Let AI help your agents become top performers who close more deals and resolve more customer issues than ever.

  • Access to knowledge base and prompts on the call
  • Agents coaching and fast onboarding
  • Objections handling
  • Dynamic call scripts and script adherence
Call Queues Management and Routing

Call Queues Management and Routing

Optimize your call center so that your customers spend more time talking to your agents and less time staying on hold.

  • Map out customer journey on a call to the second
  • Craft persuasive conversations with script editor
  • Mute / Hold / Transfer calls

Dashboards and Reports

Call Center Dashboards and Reports

Get a real-time picture of your sales force performance and zero in on the campaigns or depts that need your attention.

  • See what skills drive more deals
  • Customize dashboards
  • Integrate with third-party business intelligence and other services

Sales Boost at the Top Insurtech Company

Insureon on AI Call Center Solution

“We had an idea to build a machine-learning system that would help our sales agents — in real-time, while they were on sales calls — leverage all of our company’s collective knowledge in a given selling situation.

Since we deployed this solution, we’ve seen average call-handle times for our agents drop by as much as 45% and experienced a 52% lift in customer conversion rates.”


Integration-Ready Platform for AI Tools

Middleware Platform

Middleware is at the core of any call center environment. It brings together call routing, speech recognition, and call analytics. In the end, you get a comprehensive system where all building blocks are interconnected.

Telephony Integration

Make the most of the world-class telephony by RingCentral or KAZOO, or even bring your own VoIP telephony and connect it with our ready-to-use infrastructure. Get insights from your calls, regardless of the phone system.

Business Intelligence

Our AI Cloud Platform accumulates conversational data that can be used by business support systems to generate actionable advice. Leverage the power of our AI Platform’s API to to continue building innovations.


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