Creatio Integration with OpenCart and QuickBooks for an IoT Company

Velvetech integrates CRM & BPM tool Creatio with an IoT company’s e-commerce and payment system

The customer offers workforce management and safety solutions, such as wearable cameras and enterprise monitoring for employers and lone workers, in an effort to create more manageable work situations, both on- and off-site.

To provide its services, the company relies on its IoT platform: an app, wearables, and a cloud enterprise interface.


Velvetech worked with the IoT company on several minor projects in the past to earn a good reputation. So when the customer realized they needed help with optimizing their business processes, they reached out to Velvetech.

The Client’s Request

The client asked for Velvetech’s assistance with streamlining their business processes. The company offers its IoT-based products and subscriptions through an e-commerce site. The personal and corporate safety services that the customer’s IoT platform provides are offered on several subscription tiers.

The site was missing an out-of-the-box functionality of recurring payments for subscription renewals. The company also needed a more flexible solution for business processes management. They had to support multiple subscription tiers and customer types.

How We Did It

By the time the IoT company reached out to us, we had already completed several BPM & CRM projects using Creatio. Therefore we knew that Creatio’s extensive functionality was a good match for the client’s needs.

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CRM Creatio Integration with OpenCart

The first and foremost task to tackle was to integrate the client’s e-commerce site with Creatio. The Velvetech team worked out the data mapping for different entities in both systems. We also rigorously went through every single step of a regular CRM migration process. From a thorough review of the source and target platforms to the client’s staff training.

Creatio allows modifying all entities in the system, which was one of the main arguments for choosing this BPM system. Velvetech updated the “Contact” entity so that it included the subscription data. We also developed separate business logic scenarios for consumer and enterprise subscriptions.

Creatio has taken over responsibility for monitoring recurring payments to ensure uninterrupted services for the company’s customers. The system would automatically charge customers’ credit cards and renew or cancel their subscriptions.

One extra feature that the company found useful after deploying Creatio is automatic email notifications for consumers. All customer-related changes in the BPM system, e.g., “product shipped” or “subscription updated” initiate an email to the customer.

Creatio Integration with QuickBooks Accounting Software

Another thing the customer was missing in their puzzle was professional accounting software. The company decided that QuickBooks was a perfect fit for their needs. The next step was to integrate the CRM with Quickbooks.

Velvetech has carried out the integration of Creatio and QuickBooks software solutions by automatically exporting all payment data from the CRM to Quickbooks.

All data is sent via a secure connection in an encrypted format. In contrast, QuickBooks does not sync its data back to Creatio.

CRM Integration with OpenCart and QuickBooks


Besides the integration of Creatio with OpenCart and QuickBooks software products, Velvetech also had to integrate with the client’s backend. Integration with the server was necessary to carry over the subscription data that controls access to free and paid functionality.

Mapping between OpenCart and CRM Creatio

Data mapping was somewhat of a challenge because OpenCart and Creatio had different data hierarchy. Our engineers had to implement a workaround to ensure data consistency across both systems. We also created additional entities and added a couple of extra fields for them in the new CRM to fully sync data with OpenCart.

Support for Manual Actions

The IoT company’s business processes include several actions that require interfacing with third-party solutions. For instance shipment of the safety devices, refunds management, or payments by cheques take place outside Creatio. Velvetech customized the corresponding entities in the new CRM to enable the customer to input and track the status of manual actions.

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The company has a single business process management system — Creatio. Established integrations and customized features of the BPM platform allows the company to manage all its sales and business processes in one place:

  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Payments
  • Subscriptions, etc.

Creatio integration with OpenCart e-commerce site considerably streamlined the company’s business processes and gave the company full control over its product stock and customers.

With QuickBooks integration, all payment data is automatically exported to professional accounting software — where the company generates various financial reports and keeps tabs on finances.

What’s Next

We continue working with the company on various support and maintenance projects and plan an update for their process management system. The new functionality will offer an even more granular level of control over the company’s business processes.

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