KAZOO VoIP System Integration with Salesforce

How Velvetech helped Vinix integrate its business VoIP solution with the world’s #1 CRM platform.

Vinix is a leading VoIP provider that works with companies of all sizes to unlock their communications potential: from the latest in enterprise VoIP phone system features to top quality SIP trunking and dedicated networking solutions.


Vinix needed help to win over a customer who was struggling with a competing VoIP product and was willing to try out Vinix’s services. The only bottleneck was lack of support for Salesforce on Vinix’s side.

KAZOO VoIP Platform

KAZOO is an open-source, highly scalable software platform designed to provide carrier-grade VoIP switch functions and features. This VoIP platform lets anyone set up a 100 percent customizable unified communications solution — on-premises or hosted when offered by telcos like Vinix.


While working of the project, Velvetech was happy to collaborate directly with the KAZOO team to sort out some of the issues that arose during development and to provide our insights that advanced the development of this open-source platform.

The Client’s Request

Vinix found Velvetech while googling for a reliable VoIP software development company with KAZOO background. Our company made for a perfect case because by then we had already delivered several KAZOO-based solutions.

The task at hand was to connect Vinix’s cloud telephony service with Salesforce so that their prospect could go on with their daily routine in the CRM — this time, however, making and receiving phone calls via Vinix’s VoIP solution, backed by KAZOO.

How We Did It

Vinix’s prospect had 300 agents working in Salesforce, relying on Vinix’s competitor for VoIP calls — a buggy solution that the client was ready to dump in favor of Vinix’s powerful and flawless cloud telephony.

To make this work, Velvetech developed a KAZOO application and a consumer-facing web softphone application to enable call management workflows in Salesforce.

KAZOO Application

The KAZOO app developed by Velvetech runs side by side with the rest of Vinix’s KAZOO-powered infrastructure that guarantees a glitch-free cloud telephony service for all Vinix’s customers.

The application takes care of the calls-related background processing that’s happening in Vinix’s back-end. The app is also integrated with Salesforce to enable automated workflows as the client’s staff go through their daily routine with calls in the CRM.

Softphone Application

On the client’s side, Velvetech implemented a web softphone app to allow the agents to receive and place VoIP calls right in Salesforce’s interface.

Our team meticulously went through client’s feedback on the previous softphone app they were using and came up with an improved interface, preserving all the original functionality and adding a couple of extra features.

The all-new softphone application simplified call management workflows and gave agents more control over calls. All it took, for instance, to switch between a desktop phone and a softphone, was a couple of clicks in the softphone app.

Salesforce Workflow Enhancements

The solution Velvetech developed made use of Salesforce API to provide agents with easy access to calls metadata, such as a caller ID, notes, a call record, etc. — during and after the call.

As soon as a call ends, the system automatically generates a task for a corresponding contact with all call details in the CRM. To optimize space management on the client’s Salesforce account, we decided to store call records at the Vinix’s back-end.

Another enhancement of the client’s Salesforce experience became a click-to-call feature, which provided a Skype-like experience for the agents: a click on a phone number in CRM automatically initiated a call via the softphone app.

VoIP System Integration with Salesforce


The biggest challenge of this project was the necessity to keep it open-minded, meaning the solution should have allowed Vinix to update their VoIP cloud phone system seamlessly.

Keeping this open-ended approach in mind, we built the architecture in such a way that Vinix could safely add new KAZOO modules and update its IP telephony without modifying the parts built by Velvetech.

Another area where we had to pay a lot of attention was mapping Salesforce’s contacts data to calls, to automatically create tasks with accurate call details.

There were also some technical issues with accessing call records from Salesforce that we were able to resolve working hand in hand with the KAZOO founders. Vinix keeps an open line of communication with 2600Hz — the company that gave birth to KAZOO — and we were happy to join the conversation to solve some issues on the fly.

This direct communication with the KAZOO team was useful when we had to clarify some of the new requirements that Vinix’s client introduced during the project. Fortunately, our agile development process was fine-tuned to adequately address all additional requirements as we went through the development iterations.


Eventually, the power of double V — Vinix and Velvetech — has turned into a big Win for everybody. Vinix has won a new customer, who loves using Vinix’s cloud phone system in Salesforce. And Velvetech has gained even more experience with VoIP software development.

Cloud Phone System Meets Salesforce

As a result of our collaboration, Vinix now has an off-the-shelf customizable solution for integrating its VoIP platform with Salesforce and other CRM systems. This solution has become an obvious advantage in helping the company find more new partners, regardless of the type of CRM they use.

Extremely happy with the outcome of our Salesforce CTI integration. Once my engineering team saw initial Velvetech’s coding, they said it was the closest any outside team had come to a true understanding of their product, i.e., KAZOO.

Customers said the 1.0 version we did with Velvetech was better than anything much larger competitors of ours had created. It’s a tremendous competitive advantage!

Velvetech is so responsive, they have an extraordinary ability to make you feel like you’re their only customer.

We’re already planning the next product with the Velvetech team. A larger project to utilize KAZOO telecom technology and others.

Mark Diaz

CEO, Vinix

Success Story

Mark Diaz on Working with Velvetech

Discover what working with Velvetech looks like through client’s eyes. Mark Diaz tells how Velvetech and Vinix worked on KAZOO VoIP System Integration with Salesforce.

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This successful project has marked the beginning of a promising and already fruitful partnership between Vinix and Velvetech. We are discussing further enhancements to the developed solution as well as other new VoIP products based on the KAZOO platform.

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