September 30, 2021 — Velvetech, a Chicago-based custom software development company, has expanded low-code CRM Creatio capabilities with an Amazon Connect connector. The company has released the new product as part of a long-term partnership with Creatio.

Velvetech specializes in developing custom software solutions that help clients address their unique challenges and achieve the set-out goals. One of the company’s major areas of expertise is in CRM implementation and call center automation, both of which continuously help companies across various industries unlock the full potential of their sales and marketing processes.

Yuri Yushkov, the CEO of Velvetech, has expressed his enthusiasm about the release of the new product, “We are thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with Creatio and bring the new integration with Amazon Connect to our clients. The ability of users to make calls via Amazon Connect telephony while accessing all the relevant contact information is an invaluable feature that improves the efficiency of any sales or marketing team”.

The new product enhances Creatio’s existing capabilities and helps serve as a central point of communication and analytics. Besides allowing agents to access the history of previous interactions during the call, the connector also provides the opportunity to analyze the quality of these communications based on the number of call attempts, conversation durations, and subsequent outcomes.

Thanks to the new integration, users will be able to obtain valuable insights and always have access to the most relevant information while interacting with customers. Thus, resulting in improved business processes and a positive effect on the bottom line.

About Velvetech

Velvetech LLC is an award-winning custom software development and consulting company from Chicago, IL that facilitates innovation and growth in the mid-size market. The company’s core services include enterprise software integration, business communications technology consulting, provision of intelligent AI/ML-enabled call centers, web and mobile apps. Relying on our thought leadership and technology expertise, our client partners get solutions that enable rapid implementation of their development strategies and lead to superior business results.

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