Your app’s position in the App Store and Google Play is affected by several factors, and the number one factor is app downloads and engagement.

Downloads are self-evident metrics, but engagement is a mixture of the number of daily and monthly active users: how often each customer opens the app on a monthly basis, along with the amount of time they spend in the app.

Engagement largely depends on the features of your app: useful features that get users through their day lead to better engagement. Downloads, on the other hand, hinge on the visibility of your app to customers. Both elements of your app’s success require effort and investments.

Mobile App Store Optimization

One could say that the app market today favors the law of the jungle where the fittest survives: big-name app developers with impressive marketing budgets seem to get more media coverage. On the other side of that, we have indie developers who have to find ways around to get any attention at all, regardless of how good their apps are.

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ASO techniques take into account such things as the app’s name, icon, screenshots, videos, etc. The app metadata along with keywords will play a vital role in your app’s rankings in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Let’s look at some of the App store optimization tools available for app developers. And while they don’t guarantee you instant success and the number one spot in app stores, using these tools will help you make your app more visible to users.

1. App Annie

App Annie

App Annie is probably the best-known app market analyzing platform that serves the most trusted app data and insights for you to succeed in the global app economy. Over 1,000,000 registered users use App Annie’s statistics and research to make informed decisions in the app market, grow their businesses and outsmart the competition.

Mobile App Store Optimization Tools: App Annie

Key solutions:


Market Data Intelligence is a paid product with individual pricing options available upon request. App owners can also resort to App Analytics and Advertising Analytics with Store Stats that are free.

2. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a powerful platform that mobile app market leaders rely on for vital data-driven competitive insights and understanding of the global app economy. The company’s solution provides enough features to increase app downloads through app store optimization.

Mobile App Store Optimization Tools: Sensor Tower

Key solutions:


Top Charts and Leaders are free and go with all Sensor Tower paid tiers. App Intelligence starts at $79 per month, which makes it a killer product for small businesses.

3. App Figures

App Figures

App Figures is a mobile app tracking platform of choice for top app developers. From indie devs and small studios to giant app publishers, appFigures can automatically connect to everything that matters for your apps and turns your app data into powerful, easy to understand reports for your entire app portfolio.

Mobile App Store Optimization Tools: App Figures

AppFigures is an all-inclusive reporting system that integrates with App Store and Google Play, mobile ad networks, and in-app analytics providers. AppFigures provides the following reports.

Key offerings:

The reports by appFigures are customizable and can be integrated with other dashboards, and exported to various data formats.


The platform features a free plan with limited functionality. Premium service with access to all features starts at $4.99 per month, and there is a 14-day trial available.


As you may have noticed pushing your app for a higher ranking takes a lot of analytical wits. Whether you only want to measure your app’s performance against the competition, or whether you go deeper by reviewing how different images affects downloads, you will be impressed with the benefits that these app store optimization tools offer.

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