As the COVID-19 outbreak keeps threatening the world, it leaves no one indifferent and changes everything around us: our plans, habits, activities, work, and social life. We hope that you and the ones you care about are safe during this pandemic.

How Velvetech Copes with Changes

In light of the occurred challenges, companies turn to work-from-home format. Velvetech is not an exception. Several weeks ago, we executed a home-based work policy as a recommendation first. Now it is a mandatory safety measure.

Fortunately, it is not something new for us. Most of our team members have practiced remote and distributed work for many years. Others also had this opportunity and took advantage of it from time to time. After all, most internal and all external communications have always been online.

Time-tested workflow models, robust infrastructure, and streamlined communications allowed us to easily adjust to the new circumstances and continue operations smoothly. We keep delivering software solutions and providing digital services to our clients without any delays.

How Velvetech Can Help You Remain Competitive

While the business landscape is shifting, and companies turn to remote working models, Velvetech is here to share the best practices with you and help your digital strategy execution react to the changes.

During the economic downturn time, cutting costs may save the life of your business. Despite that, there are always some alternative ways to deliver the project on a lower budget, optimize resources, and keep your product development on track.

Today, it is important to focus on values instead of fears. Implementing new CRM solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service performance ensures a reduction of operational costs and optimization of workflows. It also results in getting more leads and closing more sales. On top of that, it will allow you to be even more responsive to your client and prospect requests, especially in these times of uncertainty.

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Gaining Control of Customer Engagements

What if every customer could deal with your single most effective sales or service person?

Cloud storage restructuring is another way to optimize costs. For example, reducing excess storage, autoscaling resources, reconsidering your app’s architecture and identifying overprovisioning lead to cost-effective cloud utilization. Our team can assist you with storage efficiency improvements and cloud environment administration to help you scale down cloud costs.

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Adaptability and flexibility are lucrative in these fast-changing circumstances. First of all, you need to proactively shift to online channels and continuously provide services to your customers and clients. At the same time, you need to support your remote employees with handy tools and optimize the workflows to ensure their efficiency and compatibility with the WFH model. Mobile apps can address these challenges and help you operate in the most productive and secure way.

Finally, you might lack the available resources to work on the existing projects. In this case, you need to audit your current activities and decide which of them can be postponed. Certainly, it must be a well-weighted decision to avoid previous investment loss.

Velvetech would be happy to provide consultations and assist you with your digital strategy adjustment. We are also ready to take over your mission-critical projects and complete them on time without blowing the budgets.

Stay Vigilant

In a global health crisis such as we find ourselves in today, there is no moment more significant than now to support and strengthen one another.

Scarcely there is someone not affected by the pandemic today. Velvetech remains fully engaged in supporting our clients and providing them with custom software solutions to adapt to changes and take advantage of it. It refers to projects in flight and any new needs.

Stay safe and take care of your families.

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