The expertise and quality of the provided work enabled Velvetech to become one of the top performers among the custom software development companies, according to TechReviewer annual market research.

TechReviewer Top 2020

Velvetech is a leading software development company supporting clients with advanced IT services and top-notch solutions. With 20+ years of proven track record, we deliver an end-to-end customized experience for businesses across various industries.

We take pride in achieving inclusion in the trustworthy ranking by This is an analytics hub that carries out studies and publishes lists with the best software development companies in various business domains based on market research and analysis.

TechReviewer analyzed information about thousands of technology providers to make a list of 80+ best companies of their kind. Being one of those companies, Velvetech has taken this honor as a fuel to drive the development of innovative solutions.

As TechReviewer helps companies choose the right software vendor, Velvetech helps clients meet the challenges and complete the projects to the highest standards. With more than 90 employees, Velvetech undertakes ambitious business goals to deliver cost-effective solutions to clients around the world.

While our dedicated team of professionals excels at developing custom enterprise software and mobile apps, their expertise also lies in business technology consulting, system integration, and cloud computing. On top of that, we focus our efforts on CRM implementation, Call Center automation, and other services helping clients beat operational challenges. Our aim is to ensure productive and transparent collaboration, thus we are always happy to start with providing free consultations and virtual demos.

Velvetech believes that this award is an inspiration for the team to remain competitive and climb up to the top spot of such rankings. However, this achievement couldn’t have been possible without the support of our clients, partners, and, of course, our families. Thank you very much for your help and trust!

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