Legacy CRM Migration

Velvetech helps a telesales services provider to migrate from a legacy CRM system

The company provides telesales services and solutions to educational publishers and educational technology companies at all levels of the K-12 and higher education markets.


The Client was looking for a CRM development and implementation partner to help them migrate from an in-house legacy CRM system. The CRM was getting costly to support. On top of that, the company’s sales workflow desperately needed optimization, as the legacy system required using external tools, e.g., Excel, which caused unnecessary data duplication.


After exploring the company’s in-house CRM, Velvetech discovered that it had been built with rapidly decaying technologies. So we set out to select a modern CRM system that would be easy and cost-efficient to maintain in the foreseeable future. In addition, the new CRM would have to allow the company to get rid of any data duplication plus fit its rather nuanced workflows.


With over ten years of experience in CRM development, integration, and implementation, Velvetech had plenty of options to choose from:

  • Creatio (formerly bpm’online)
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Salesforce
  • SugarCRM
  • Zoho CRM

The scales tilted towards the CRM Creatio because of its robust functionality and capabilities for fine-tuning. Plus, Velvetech is a certified Creatio implementation partner and has an impressive portfolio of successful CRM projects, with Creatio under the hood.

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CRM Data Migration

The key aspect of moving to a new software platform for any company is to migrate the data in its entirety and preserve its integrity. The condition becomes essential when businesses attempt a CRM migration project.

Velvetech worked directly with the Client’s in-house engineer, responsible for the support of the legacy CRM, to go through a meticulous data mapping process. Our challenge was to unify incomplete and inconsistent data from the legacy CRM into a streamlined flow of bits and bytes.

Despite the lack of documentation and the fact that the system was actively used by the company, Velvetech was successful in finding the source of the data discrepancy in the legacy CRM and helping the Client mitigate it.

Our team ensured that all data entries in the company’s in-house CRM would connect with the appropriate data points in Creatio. As a result, all the company’s data migrated to a new CRM in its entirety — consistent and complete.

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Creatio Customization

Our Client relies on a complex sales workflow that involves many parties with various roles. Working with the in-house CRM, the company had to take extra steps, like adding new entries to Excel before they could access it in the legacy CRM.

Modern CRM Creatio

Creatio turned out to be the perfect CRM to set up all of the company’s business processes and remove unnecessary steps along the way.

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Velvetech’s CRM development team used Creatio’s built-in functionality to implement the dashboards that provide the Client’s staff with instant access to all on-going activities. Finally, the CRM implementation team was able to pull together all customer interactions into a single solution — Creatio.

Access Rights

One of the key requirements for the new CRM system, which our Client management was concerned with, was proper access rights management. Velvetech met the requirement by configuring stock access rights in Creatio, but the team also had to implement enforced filtering to make sure the company employees could access only the data pertaining to their area of work.


The Client has received a modern CRM platform for managing customer relations. Creatio has helped the company to streamline and unify its business processes within a universal solution.

As a bonus, the new system has allowed the company to bring down the CRM maintenance costs and has opened doors to future enhancements. Creatio has also proved invaluable in terms of resolving data duplication issues.

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What’s Next

Our companies discuss how Velvetech’s VoIP and call analytics solutions for Creatio can further aid the Client in automating their sales processes.

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