CRM Customization to Boost Efficiency of a Trade Association

Velvetech helps a trade association company improve internal lead management processes to speed up efficiency with a low-code CRM customization
  • Project: CRM Customization
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Technologies: Low-code CRM platform Creatio
  • Target audience: Sales and marketing team

The Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies & Assets (CAASA) unites alternative investment managers and investors, along with service providers, to facilitate information sharing, networking, and other collaborative initiatives.


At the time of approaching Velvetech, CAASA was struggling with its highly time-consuming lead generation process. The company’s website was already integrated with the custom CRM solution — Creatio CRM. Yet, due to having multiple member acquisition forms with hundreds of fields, it took a lot of time to manually synchronize them with Creatio.


In any company, efficiency is of utmost importance. If too much time is spent on manual tasks, employees are unable to focus on more revenue-generating initiatives. So, it’s easy to see why CAASA was looking to streamline its member registration process and reduce repetitive work.

During the discovery phase, Velvetech’s team found out that the Client had five Gravity Forms on its WordPress website. All collecting hundreds of fields of prospect information and transferring them to the Creatio CRM.

The challenge the Client faced was the lack of synchronization between WordPress’s Gravity Forms and Creatio CRM. Specifically, every time a new member submitted a form, the sales and marketing team would have to manually distribute the lead data into Creatio’s relevant fields.

Our biggest hurdle was finding a vendor that understood Creatio, our many business processes, and could simplify our very specific requests into a long-term solution. Velvetech helped by meeting all of the criteria and maintaining clear and open communication with us to ensure that we got things right on the first try!

Caroline Chow

Vice President

Since Velvetech is a Certified Creatio Partner with vast expertise in customizing the platform for individual client needs, the company approached our team to help with their project.

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How We Did It

Gravity Forms is a plugin that has a local database on WordPress with the form structure. Upon submission, the lead is generated in Creatio with a single field that comes as one JSON message with all the information the user submitted.

At this stage, prior to Velvetech’s intervention, the Client had to manually transfer the data into the relevant Creatio fields. This would often take up a lot of time and could lead to duplicate records being created.

To synchronize and automate the entire operation, our team created a process in Creatio that took the content of the aforementioned JSON file and moved it into the corresponding fields within the CRM.

CAASA - Lead Management Process

Additionally, with the new process, if the lead already had a corresponding account, it would be found automatically and updated. Thus, getting rid of duplicate records and creating proper relationships between leads and accounts within the CRM.


Velvetech successfully helped the Client customize the low-code CRM Creatio, resulting in a simplified lead management workflow and an efficiency boost for CAASA.

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Specifically, the Client no longer had to manually update Creatio whenever a minor change was made to the forms of the website. From now on, changes were automatically reflected within the CRM.

Moreover, duplicates have been almost entirely eliminated as the system automatically checks for existing accounts and assigns multiple “parents” to each entity so that the same information is displayed coherently across the platform.

Overall, the number of fields incoming to Creatio was significantly reduced as only the relevant ones remained. The CRM became much better structured, easier to view, and more pleasant to work with.

I would recommend Velvetech’s services. It was a very smooth process, and I appreciated the clear communication on pricing throughout the work on our project.

Caroline Chow

Vice President

What’s Next

Currently, Velvetech is still in close contact with CAASA and remains available to provide any further support the company may require. Whether to work on additional CRM personalization, new integrations, or other functionality tasks — Velvetech is happy to continue collaborating.

If your company is also interested in leveraging Velvetech’s experience with customizing and integrating the Creatio CRM — don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and ensure you’re making the most of your tech stack.

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