The year 2019 has been a year of trailblazing and setting landmarks with lots of feathers to our cap.

We at Velvetech and our partners soared to great heights by working on innovations, inspiring projects, the delivery of better services, winning awards and recognition, as we rose to the occasion throughout the year.

Reaching New Heights in 2019

Amazing Product Launches

IoT Automotive Mobile Startup

IoT Automotive Mobile Startup

With pride, Velvetech completed and launched the latest IoT product development for automobiles this year. The timing was right, hence it resulted in an icing on the cake for us and our partner. The IoT product developed has earned a trophy in one of the nominations at the SEMA Show recently.

Mobile Dating App

Mobile Dating App

Velvetech resurrected chivalry by the development and release of an indigenous dating application for a startup. It was themed “The cure to flakey dating apps” by Emmy Rossum (Fiona from the show Shameless). The app is already spicing the art of online dating with exceptional features such as virtual gifts for a new flame.

Mobile App for Warehouse Management

Mobile App for Warehouse Management

Another win for Velvetech this year was the development of an Android app to manage and speed up inventory tracking operations in a warehouse. It was a great solution for asset tracking, increasing warehouse employee productivity, and inventory management.

Successful Exits for Our Clients

Education Technology

In other news, after partnership from 2005, our client, an education technology company, not too long had its SaaS education platform acquired by Riverside Insight, a portfolio company of Alpine investors.

“Velvetech was recommended to us by a friend who had worked with them in the past. How did we get lucky! Since 2005, Velvetech has been solid as a rock for us in our various product launches, maintenance, and enhancements.”

— Director of Technology,
EdTech Company

Extending the Blockchain Success in 2019

World’s First Crypto-Mining Browser

World’s First Crypto-Mining Browser

Velvetech Ethereum blockchain experts raised the bar and tempo in production as we delivered the crypto-mining project called Minter for Blockmint Technologies.

It is a delight to develop the first of its kind browser that enables users to mine and earn cryptocurrency while surfing the internet. The browser is secured with an integrated VPN that is censor-free, gives anonymous online experience, and results in a profit revenue-share model for Blockmint.

Healthcare Data Security

Healthcare Data Security

Immense progress drove the blockchain project for healthcare after it was inspired by the unsecured networks in the medical industry.

The result is a cutting-edge technology solution based on blockchain that serves healthcare data information and security. It capitalizes on speed, security, and ease of use at an ultra-competitive cost resulting in immediate value-add to health organizations generally.

Significant Business Outcomes

Reduced Operational Costs

30% Reduced Operational Costs

Velvetech worked with a company that offers a SaaS platform to healthcare services, ease compliance with recent legislation, simplify creating reports, and support decision making with data-driven insights.

Our company has enabled the healthcare consulting company to improve its Sales, Marketing efforts, and Support operations by integrating and implementing a CRM that has led to 30% reduced operational costs and increased the renewal of contracts with their clients by a rate of 17%.

Faster Data Input

3 Times Faster Data Input

20/20 Foresight, an executive search firm, embarked on a project with Velevetech that significantly reduced its operating costs. The company has minimized the time in searching for candidates.

Workers now focus on more conversations that empower the human factor as the key to finding the best candidates for leading companies. The company’s candidate database has grown by 20% in a very short interval.

“The app has dramatically reduced manual requirements and improved operational scalability. With a vested interest in product efficacy, Velvetech strove to understand business needs and readily proposed valuable, experienced ideas.”

— Principal,
20/20 Foresight

Digital Transformation of the Year

This year Velvetech kicked off a set of three new projects for a logistics firm. The projects are innovative, promising, and still underway.

Digital Transformation of the Year: Logistics

JIRA Service Desk

Velvetech is creating an infrastructure to receive and process requests from both internal (staff) and external sources (customers). The Jira Service Desk will provide the ability to configure support channels and easy distribution of tasks among support team members.

Business Intelligence

Velevetech is working on a unique business intelligence model that generates utilities, making it easier for business managers to access important data. The utilities will be used to transform formally documented business requirements into reports and dashboards.

Logistics and Warehouse Management Software

This is a special application for warehouse management that has three main sections. The first one manages records related to a warehouse infrastructure such as containers, facilities structures, locations, units, etc.

The second one is a work process flow management system which is used for building and managing the operations in a warehouse.

The third section provides an ability for facility workers to execute any WMS related processes such as the run processes for units and containers and the inspecting statuses of units, containers, etc.

“You and your team are the ideal partners and provide an amazing contribution to our company! I am grateful for all the good and hard work that you have been doing.”

— CTO, Executive
Supply Chain Solutions Company

Cutting-Edge AI Technologies for Call Centers

Velvetech developed an AI-Powered Call Analytics Platform that enhances the call center’s efficiency. Recently, it was featured on the Marketplace Creatio as an Artificial Intelligence component that automatically transcribes and analyzes agent calls.

The beauty of this project is a dashboard with aggregated stats on all calls providing managers with the needed insights for excellent call center operations.

Meet the AI-Powered Call Analytics Platform

Meet the AI-Powered Call Analytics Platform

What if every customer could have dealt with your single most effective salesperson?

Special Thanks to Our Strategic Partners

Microsoft Gold Partner

Velvetech has maintained our Microsoft Gold Partnership by keeping the golden standard in over 80 areas of proven competence. Together we have remained partners in Application Development and in Cloud Services.

In 2019 we have demonstrated more capacity and capability for more productive and dependable information technologies. Our team, through the contribution of competent skills, mastery, and dedication ensured ideal custom software development delivery towards the success of our client’s businesses.

Creatio Partner

Velvetech’s partnership with Creatio, formerly bpm’online, is breaking new grounds with our joint cutting-edge technology services and sophisticated BPM & CRM software solutions for businesses. Together we enjoyed more rapid growth and partnership in 2019 than ever before.

Stronger Performance and More Leadership

This year Creatio was recognized in two main categories for excellence:

Velvetech is happy to implement, customize, and integrate these CRM technologies for companies to enable higher sales, efficient marketing, better customer service, etc.

Touring Together

Creatio / bpm’online Global Tour is another success that is worthy of mentioning. As a trusted partner, Velvetech was one of the sponsors at our hometown event in Chicago and subsequently the headline event in Miami.

Yuri Yushkov, our CEO at Velvetech, participated and spoke in the events. We presented and demonstrated our real-time AI speech recognition and call analytics solution highlighted our strengths as a CRM integration partner and met with business peers.

At the moment, we are planning the joint initiatives for the next year and will be happy to see you at the Lunch & Learn 2020 event in Chicago. Stay tuned.

RingCentral Premier ISV Partner

Publishing a VoIP Phone Connector

In the spirit of progressive partnership, Velvetech published a VoIP Connector and Call Analytics Solution for Creatio. This connector enables smooth call and stress-free communication with clients and colleagues, keeping a logged history. The use cases of this VoIP Connector includes Call management and Analytics. This product works with RingCentral and Kazoo VoIP telephony.

Real-Time Speech Recognition and Call Analytics

Furthermore, we are working on improving the features of our Real-Time AI/ML Speech Recognition and Call Analytics platform. This tool is essential for driving sales, supporting customers, marketing services, and running a smart office.

Awards and Honors

Leading Marketing Automation Company

Leading Marketing Automation Company

Velvetech won a Marketing Automation Award as a sign of honor by entering the Clutch 2019 rankings of the top business, and IT services firms in the category of Marketing Automation. This award is an appreciation for the delivery of high-quality services and unequaled IT solutions in the US and globally.

Top Software Development Companies

Top Software Development Companies

Another medal of honor we received this year was Velvetech securing a leading position among the top software development companies in Illinois. Standing out in providing IT solutions made GoodFirms acknowledge Velvetech in software development, mobile app development, and the IoT development category.

Top 50 .NET Developers by The Manifest

Top 50 .NET Developers by The Manifest

In recognition of Velvetech’s competence and expertise in .NET development and products for the Windows OS environment, the Manifest puts us in the row call of honor of the best .NET developing firms in the world for providing excellent services ranking among the top ahead of so many other IT companies.

Five-Star Client Feedback on

Five-Star Client Feedback on Clutch

Our project overviews from the team have provided accurate information backed up by comments from our clients on the delivered services. These details show how much our clients were satisfied, revealing a five-star review for our overall services.

“So far, the results have been astronomical. Velvetech LLC continues to produce work that increases user engagement, remaining communicative and professional in their work ethic. Overall, they’re consistently responsive, understanding, and committed to the project.”

— President,
Whatmed, S.C.

Sports and Business

Sports and Business

All work and no play? Velvetech’s Senior Vice President for Service and Delivery participated in the “Run for the Hills” half-marathon in Chicago. Here is the statement in an interview where he relates the winning attitude of fitness and sports to work. Besides the participation award, he also earned a medal for the first place in his age group and lots of our appreciation.

Networking and Events

Velvetech like always made her presence in many major expos and conferences in the US this year. It was a great networking experience for us with industry leaders from sectors like IT, finance, healthcare, and insurance.

Networking and IT Events

At the events, we did not only meet with partners, prospective clients, and other leaders of the IT-sphere. Our CEO, Yuri Yushkov, shared our knowledge, proficiency and tech trends through presentations, demonstrations, and talks. We look forward to meeting you in the 2020 events.

Above All

2019 was a year of new grounds and success collectively for us, our partners, and clients. We hope and desire for more synergistic benefits in our business relationships in 2020 and far beyond. See you again in the coming year.

Seasons greetings to you all and
have a Happy New Year.

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