Mobile Dating App Development — CiND

Velvetech develops an ingenious dating app for a startup that believes that “Chivalry Is Not Dead”.
  • Project: dating app for iOS and Android
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Technologies: Swift, Kotlin, Microsoft ASP.NET, Entity Framework, log4net
  • Target audience: mass market

MJS Apps is a startup on a mission to revive the dating. The CiND app encourages meaningful matches and brings back the tradition of gift-giving.

“The cure to flakey dating apps.”

– Emmy Rossum (Fiona from the show Shameless)


MJS Apps were looking for a mobile development company to help them reinvigorate dating experience. Their dating app would replace mindless left-and-right swiping à la Tinder with meaningful partner matching and the tradition of gift-giving.

Our Challenge

Velvetech was invited to create a brand-new dating app for the iOS and Android platforms that would stand out in a rather crowded dating space. In addition, there had to be developed an online portal for MJS Apps admins to manage users, notifications, and other aspects of the app.

Our Process

MJS Apps have a beautiful idea that people are fully committed to building relationships when they invest something in the process. And so they’ve envisioned the app where users can strike up conversations only after making a virtual gift.

Mobile Dating App: Virtual Gifts

Mobile Dating App Development

When Velvetech’s mobile development team stepped in, the client already had the mockups outlining the required app features. Our mobile business analysts used the mockups to refine the app functionality and came up with several design options.

Provide Velvetech with a comprehensive idea and they’ll flesh out the concept.

John Stringfellow

CEO & Founder at MJS Apps

Once the design had been finalized, Velvetech’s app engineering team proceeded with development. The team chose Swift and Kotlin to build the iOS and Android app versions to ensure rich functionality and easier maintenance in the future.

The MVP version of the CiND app shipped with the following features:

  • Real-time chat
  • In-app purchases
  • Geo-location-based search
  • Video profiles
  • Notifications

The app allows users to send virtual gifts to start chatting, and then recipients can also choose the charities they want to support with the gift money value. This way CiND creates happy couples and, at the same time, serves a greater cause.

Mobile Dating App Development for iOS and Android

Web Portal for App Management

There are quite a few things that a dating app owner needs to keep tabs on. To address that, Velvetech developed a web interface for MJS Apps administrators.

The portal allows the company to control user accounts and charities, e.g., they can suspend user accounts or add new charities. Another useful feature is the statistics on the amount of support paid out to different charities.

Besides the admin web portal, Velvetech also put together an interim landing page with the basic description and the download links for the apps.

Technical Challenges

Matching Formula

One of the biggest challenges, as you would expect with a dating app, was creating a matching algorithm. MJS Apps had Velvetech’s app development team come up with a nuanced logic for matching user profiles depending on their activity and profiles.

Apple Review Team

The Apple review team scans all incoming apps before they become available in the App Store. For the CiND app, the review team requested several changes to comply with the latest App Store requirements.

Velvetech’s rapid turnaround on adding fixes and detailed explanations helped MJS Apps navigate around the pitfalls while communicating with Apple and finally pushed the dating app to the App Store.

The team appreciated that Apple’s feedback made us anxious. Velvetech’s efficient interactions with Apple were valuable.

John Stringfellow

CEO & Founder at MJS Apps


CiND is available in the App Store and Google Play for everyone who is looking to build meaningful relationships and skip wasting time on pen pals and catfish. The app has already attracted some positive feedback — with 4.8 out of 5 stars.

CiND is available in the App Store

What’s Next

MJS Apps is looking to grow CiND’s user base and provide more useful features for true romantics out there, as Apple and Google keep enhancing their mobile OSs with more powerful add-ons.

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