Customer Onboarding and Underwriting Software for a HealthTech Startup

Velvetech helps a HealthTech company onboard new customers in hours vs. days
  • Project: Customer onboarding & underwriting cloud applications
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Technologies: Microsoft Azure, Angular, Bootstrap, .NET, DocuSign, Vantiv APIs
  • Target audience: Dental practices, Client’s underwriters

Our Client is a healthcare tech company that helps dental service organizations and dental practices to cement their relationships with patients by adding transparency and unification to payment processing.


Anticipating an explosive growth, the Client wanted to onboard dental practices to its innovative digital platform faster. And while the company looked to scale rapidly in the most efficient manner, it also needed to ensure all-around regulatory compliance, including KYC, AML, etc.

Challenge: From Paperwork to Digital

Velvetech, as an experienced healthcare software development company, was summoned to build the onboarding and underwriting apps. The goal was to streamline and automate the onboarding process for the dental practices seeking to join the company’s platform.

Process: Front Line to Back-Office Automation

Since automated onboarding and underwriting software was to replace 99 percent of the manual routine of collecting and inputting data from new customers, it was decided to build them as responsive web apps that would scale across a wide range of devices: from mobile to desktop.

Onboarding Application

Client Onboarding Application

The onboarding software processes a lot of data collected online and required by the company to verify applying dental practices. To ease data submission, Velvetech designed the app as a multi-step wizard that allows practices to move in small iterations, filling just a few input fields at each step.

In addition, the onboarding software solution allows practices to come back to their unfinished applications and complete them later. Customers with several branches or offices may choose to upload batch applications that are automatically validated.

A lot of thought went into securing customer data as well:

  • The link to the application form is designed to expire with time
  • No sensitive customer data is stored for incomplete applications
  • All customer data is encrypted with asymmetric cryptography
  • Data transfers happen exclusively via secure connections

Underwriting Application

Underwriting Application

The underwriting app includes a scoring engine that automates the verification process for new customers. The app connects to several verification services via APIs and auto-scores applications: approve, decline, or send for manual review. At the same time, underwriters can always jump in and take over this verification process.

Dental practices whose applications have been approved can sign all required paperwork in a digital form and automatically proceed onto the Client’s digital platform.

The company employees can easily see all applications and their statuses in a dashboard; plus they can access various reports. And the underwriting app notifies them of all important events via email.

Security is another big aspect of the underwriting app:

  • Data exchange happens exclusively via secure connections
  • Employees are required to log in again if they have been inactive for some time
  • Access rights system ensures that employees can’t make any critical changes
  • Sensitive data is removed from the app’s database with time
  • Audit trail keeps the full history of any changes made by employees or the system in the underwriting software

Technical Challenges

Velvetech did not face any technical challenges during the project. To address the fact that the underwriting app had to talk to several verification services, integrate with DocuSign, and support multiple business logic layers, our team of developers used a microservices-based architecture.

This approach allows for easier maintenance, scalability, and future integration of the apps with other company’s products. And the tech stack used by Velvetech ensures smooth transition of the project to a company’s in-house development team for maintenance.

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Admittedly, it was a tantalizing experience for Velvetech’s development team to vet various APIs for KYC, AML, and lots of other background checks and come up with an optimal set of APIs for integration.

Microservices-Based Architecture Benefits

Outcome: Faster Customer Onboarding & Underwriting

With automatic onboarding and underwriting, the Client can onboard a new customer within a couple of hours instead of several days. The cloud apps made this process frictionless, transparent, and secure for all involved parties. As a result, the company could free up and allocate more resources to perfecting its core product.

What’s Next

The Client is currently planning a new set of value-driving features for their underwriting and onboarding software solutions that would tie them closer with the company’s other products.

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