Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends,

With Thanksgiving Day approaching, our team at Velvetech is looking over this past year with ample gratitude. In the last twelve months, we’ve had the opportunity to grow, expand our team, and work on exciting projects, all thanks to you.

Every year, around this time, we like to remind ourselves of all of the things that we, as a company, can be grateful for. So, as is the annual tradition, we’d like to share these reflections with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Staying Agile

First of all, we are thankful for the chance to continue expanding our international presence and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the modern world. In the last few months, our team became even more distributed, with experienced specialists working from over 15 different locations.

Flexibility has always been inherent to our business. So, today we are grateful to more than 150 of our employees who truly embrace the meaning of the word agile by continuously delivering state-of-the-art software development services from so many corners of the world.

Harnessing Data Technologies

If there is a universal “Thank You” that businesses across various industries can say, it’ll probably be for the powers of data management technologies. Helping companies capitalize on the digital information they have on hand has been one of our major focuses this year, and we are grateful to organizations that have entrusted us with their data initiatives.

One of the projects Velvetech’s team is immensely proud of was with a real estate consulting firm that needed to enhance its existing data analytics platform. Here, we focused on building the functionality for better data analysis and reporting. As a result, the Client obtained a tool that allows users to explore real estate sales information more scrupulously.

“Velvetech streamlined, fixed bugs and added functionality to the web-based application that my company and our clients rely on daily for accurate and insightful data. As the team learned about our needs and industry, they have been able to anticipate and recommend enhancements that we never knew were possible.”

— Rachel Waguespack

Field Consultant and Analyst, Real Data Strategies

Learn more about the Efficiency-Boosting Data Analytics Solution

Another collaboration we are grateful to have been a part of was for an online advertising network that required our data science implementation expertise.

The Client was looking to optimize ad revenue with the help of a custom-built algorithm for processing and analyzing data sets. Our team quickly jumped on-board and implemented a data science solution that allows advertisers to make informed decisions about ad strategies.

Commitment to Knowledge Sharing

Just two months ago we were thrilled to hold our first webinar on the subject of “Getting Realistic Software Project Budget Estimates”. Our team appreciates everyone who participated in this online event, asked questions, and showed interest in this kind of educational material.

We’re looking forward to continuing this initiative and have already set the topic for the next webinar on December 8, 2022. That Thursday, we will be talking about the IT job market and the various strategies for dealing with the shortage of developers on software projects. Once again, we hope many of you tune in to discover some new insights.

How to Deal With the Shortage of Software Developers

Lack of Developers

Join us to find out how to deal with the lack of IT talents without compromising project delivery.

December 8, 2022 | 10 am EST

Grateful for Our Clients

As always, we greatly appreciate our clients who continuously choose to partner with us and collaborate effectively with Velvetech’s specialists.

Feedback from clients is extremely important to our company which is why we are grateful for the reviews and acknowledgements partners leave for us in private and in public. Thank you for sharing the successes of our collaborations on platforms like We truly value these efforts and always intend to channel the positive energy back into our work.

Without our esteemed Clients, Partners, and Friends, growth and success simply wouldn’t be possible. So, thank you for your trust, engagement, and support. It is never forgotten and always immensely appreciated.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and a happy upcoming Holiday Season with your loved ones!

Velvetech Team

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