2022 may have already closed its doors but Velvetech is still receiving wonderful news about its company performance during that year. The team has worked hard on delivering the best in-class software development services and it has certainly paid off.

Just recently, TechBehemoths have announced Velvetech as one of its 2022 award-winning companies in the United States and not for one but three distinct categories — artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and blockchain.

Velvetech Recognized as One of the Top Innovative Tech Companies

To determine which companies should be granted an award in any given year, TechBehemoths assesses the reliability and reputation of firms. It does so by considering the depth of information provided, including the extensiveness of the portfolio and customer feedback.

The organization stresses that all winners are based exclusively on meritocracy and there is no way to purchase a place on this award list. Naturally, this makes this kind of recognition particularly coveted.

Velvetech is grateful to be distinguished for its hard work alongside other top performing companies. Having recently worked on an exciting NFT marketplace project that required developing a decentralized exchange for staking and farming of a token, getting this kind of recognition within the blockchain space is particularly timely.

Given Velvetech’s consistent pursuit of initiatives that require the use of innovative technologies like machine learning, data science, the Internet of Things, and the like, the award fuels the team to carry on delivering these kinds of services in the coming year.

Velvetech has been a reliable IT service provider since 2004. With headquarters in Chicago, the company is driven by partnerships with clients from a variety of industries, including finance, telecom, insurance, healthcare, real estate, logistics, and more.

Velvetech provides a range of services starting from web solutions development and CRM implementation to the creation of impactful business intelligence tools. Additionally, the organization is focused on developing its own software products for AI-powered call centers.

With more than 150 employees, Velvetech is committed to always being available for its clientele and ready to spring to action whenever required.

About TechBehemoths

TechBehemoths is a platform for matching projects with IT companies across the world. The organization connects real initiatives with 43,312 IT firms from 143 countries and 6,936 cities. TechBehemoths goal is to match best IT service providers with those looking for their expertise and the organization’s namesake awards are just one of the ways they accomplish that.