2023 is just around the corner, and as is the annual tradition, we’d like to take this opportunity to reflect back on the accomplishments of the past year. Velvetech’s team had the pleasure of working on a variety of exciting projects, expanding the team, and growing as a truly distributed organization.

So, as the beginning of the New Year approaches, we are looking forward to continuing the delivery of effective software development services in 2023. However, before we completely turn to face a new beginning, let’s do a quick recap of what 2022 had in store for us.

Conquering New Horizons in 2022

Over the last twelve months, our team took part in a multitude of software initiatives across a wide range of sectors and employed a variety of innovative technologies. Below, let’s find out what 2022 was made up of.



Velvetech is no stranger to partnering with transportation and logistics organizations. This year, we had the opportunity to collaborate with a turnkey reverse logistics company on several projects that required our specialists’ expertise.

First, we helped the organization migrate reports from Tableau and Excel to Power BI. Thereby, automating internal processes and gaining access to true business intelligence for better decision-making.

For the same Client, we also developed a contract management tool, a BPMN-based platform for warehouse workflows, and an RMA system that helped manage reverse merchandise operations and returns from marketplaces like The Store, Back Market, and Go Wholesale. It was a truly fruitful collaboration, and we’re looking forward to continuing the partnership in 2023.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data is the cornerstone of any business. There’s no doubt about that, especially in the modern, digitalized world that we live in. As such, we were thrilled to double down on our data management services and help organizations capitalize on the digital information they have on hand with the aid of the latest technologies.

One of the projects we are proud of was with a real estate consulting firm, Real Data Strategies, that wanted to boost its existing data analytics platform. In particular, we focused on developing the functionality for better analysis and reporting. As a result, the Client obtained a tool that allowed users to scrutinize real estate sales information more meticulously.

“Velvetech streamlined, fixed bugs and added functionality to the web-based application that my company and our clients rely on daily for accurate and insightful data. As the team learned about our needs and industry, they have been able to anticipate and recommend enhancements that we never knew were possible. They are easy to work with and intuitive.”

— Rachel Waguespack

Field Consultant and Analyst, Real Data Strategies

Discover the process of Real Estate Data Analytics Tool Development

Another exciting undertaking of the year involved partnering with an online advertising network. The company required Velvetech’s data science expertise as the business leaders were looking to optimize ad revenue with the help of a tailor-made algorithm for processing and analyzing data sets.

In this project, our specialists implemented a data science solution that allows the ad network to better cater to client needs. Specifically, it provides the opportunity to compare multiple ad campaigns, forecast revenues, and help advertisers build profitable strategies.



This year, our team continued expanding its expertise in healthcare software development and delivering solutions that have a positive impact on patient lives.

One such project involved the implementation of a platform to screen for urinary conditions. There, we worked with MenHealth, a digital health provider, to enhance their existing medical solution and increase user engagement. This was done by overhauling the organization’s web platform and redesigning its mobile application.

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“Our biggest hurdle was finding a partner that understood the complexities of healthcare-focused development such as HIPAA compliance, patient-facing applications, and physician-facing dashboards. Velvetech worked as an extension of our team and helped us build a HIPAA-compliant physician platform and a new version of our mobile medical device app.”

— Michal Tavrovsky

CCO, MenHealth

Another initiative in the medical sector was in partnership with an online marketplace that streamlines the search, selection, and booking of long-term care facilities. In this case, the Client approached Velvetech with the request to create a web solution that could deliver a consistent process of booking long-term care.

By relying on our extensive HIPAA-compliant app development expertise, the team built a distinctive long-term care booking system. The Client was happy with the outcome of the collaboration, and we are excited to continue working together to drive innovation in the senior care market.

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The financial services sector never stops pursuing innovation, and we were glad to have been a part of various thrilling projects in 2022. For instance, our team dived into the world of merchant cash advances this year.

All thanks to the trust of a finance company that relied on us to develop a web version of an investment management system to help connect investors with U.S. merchants seeking loans.

Additionally, Velvetech’s specialists also got to build a trading community platform to help traders leverage their knowledge and master their craft. Concretely, we developed a web-based hub filled with valuable resources for traders that could help them boost skills.

“Velvetech has been a great partner who helped us build a world-class platform for retail investors. This partnership helps us attract retail investors and provides tools for investors to manage their money and make informed trading decisions.”

— Vlad Karpel

CEO, YellowTunnel



The education sphere can also benefit immensely from the implementation of the latest technologies. This year, we certainly solidified this conviction after working on two fascinating projects.

First, we are preparing to start an exciting initiative which involves developing software to provide educational materials on how to care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. With the target audience being direct care providers, we are looking to make the solution as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible.

In a different educational area, we collaborated with a non-profit organization and created a flexible mobile learning framework to deliver educational apps in East Africa. Velvetech was thrilled to take part in this challenging and socially significant initiative.

We hope that in the coming year, we will get the chance to continue helping educational organizations make the most of the technologies available on the market.

Implementing Innovative Technologies

Over the course of 2022 we kept our hand on the pulse of latest developments in various tech areas and made sure to participate in initiatives that pushed the boundaries of what’s possible.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting all kinds of industries, but in sectors like healthcare it can quite literally be life-saving. So, when we were approached to work on a real-time location tracking system for medical clinics, our team excitedly jumped on the opportunity.

For that venture, we implemented an IoMT app that helped healthcare facilities identify where doctors were located, how long patients had to wait prior to being attended to, and keep track of employees or those seeking treatment.

Take a deeper look at the Real-Time Location Tracking System

As we said, IoT technologies have cross-industry uses. For instance, in 2022, we also developed an IoT EV charging solution that consisted of:

As you can see, our team is always eager to participate in a variety of software projects. So, if you’ve got an idea for an IT pursuit — don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.



The subject of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs certainly peaked in 2021, but enthusiasm surrounding these technologies didn’t die down this year. In fact, our team got to work with an NFT marketplace creator. Specifically, we had to develop a decentralized exchange for staking and farming of a token that could offer users a low-tax option to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.

Thanks to our extensive blockchain software development expertise, we could immediately dive into the undertaking and quickly get on board.

Augmenting Contact Center Operations

Augmenting Contact Center Operations

As the final days of 2022 draw near, we are happy to look back at the enhancements we’ve delivered to our contact center solutions.

We’ve expanded the capabilities of the Product Suite for Creatio by adding a new portal to help users, various Autodialer features, and support of Amazon S3 and Amazon Transcribe, among other improvements.

On a similar note, our team added new applications to the Creatio marketplace in order to ensure users can fully capitalize on CRM solution integration with various telephony providers. Concretely, besides the previously existing tools, the marketplace now has connectors with Twilio and Five9 telephonies.

Velvetech’s contact center suite is a core product for our company, and we intend to continue enhancing it throughout 2023. After all, improving sales and customer service performance is an absolute must for businesses, and we are here to make sure we can help in this endeavor.

AI-Based Contact Center Product Suite

AI-Based Contact Center Right in Your CRM

Full-featured Inbound & Outbound call center with AI-based agent scoring and call analytics.

Solidifying Partnerships

Our team holds no doubt that partnerships with skilled professionals are what makes the services and software products we deliver truly special. So, it is no surprise that this year, we’ve strengthened long-lasting collaborations with our partners.

Creatio Partner

Our partnership with Creatio is not solely focused on the contact center solutions we’ve discussed above. In fact, Velvetech appreciates the opportunity to frequent events that our friends at Creatio often host. From No-Code Days and Marketplace Circles to the Creatio Freedom virtual show, we’ve enjoyed participating in this year’s business affairs.

RingCentral Partner

Of course, no partnership roundup is complete without mentioning our reliable collaborator — RingCentral. This year, together, we implemented projects that facilitated smooth CRM and telephony connection for businesses across a variety of sectors.

For instance, by working together, we helped a hospitality group streamline workflows and improve the caller experience through a RingCentral and Creatio integration. We are grateful that our partners think of us when faced with requests related to Velvetech’s areas of expertise. We will continue striving to deliver only the best-in-class services for years to come.

Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

Industry recognition is one of the indicators showing the team that their work is valued and we are on the right track. This year, we are grateful to be recognized by leading review organizations like Clutch.co, Goodfirms, and Design Rush. Being titled as one of the top custom software development companies motivates us to continue improving how we deliver our services.

To discover what our esteemed Clients say about us, take a look at our profiles on these platforms:

Expansion of Online Initiatives

Knowledge sharing has always been important to our team, but in 2022 we managed to take it to new heights.

Informative Webinars

In the last quarter of the year, we launched a webinars initiative that allows viewers to hear tips and best practices from Velvetech’s top IT specialists. Thus far, we’ve already held two discussions — the first covered software project budget estimates and the second was focused on the shortage of skilled IT talent.

Of course, we will continue this endeavor in 2023 and hope that many of you tune in to the upcoming topics! Our social media channels are usually the very first to announce scheduled events, so make sure you sign up via your preferred medium. That way, you won’t miss the latest information.

IT Q&A Newsletter

Another approach to interacting with the industry that we decided to pursue this year was through LinkedIn Newsletters. Just a few months ago, we launched “Velvetech’s IT Talks” where our experts answer IT-related questions from the audience.

Subscribe to Velvetech’s IT TalksFollow to get answers to your burning IT-related questions

It is a great opportunity to address some of the frequently asked questions while sharing our unique expertise. So, if you’ve had some queries about the IT sphere — head on over to one of the newsletter editions and ask your question in the comments section. We will be sure to answer it in future releases.

Wishing for a Successful and Happy 2023

Reminiscing about the opportunities the past year has brought us always leaves our team grateful for the past and excited for the new chapter. We are looking forward to more successful projects, fruitful partnerships, and continuous growth in 2023.

Velvetech’s team truly hopes to work with you in the coming year and deliver impactful results that help your business prosper. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season and see you in 2023!

Velvetech’s ever-growing team,
Wishes that at your IT systems,
In the New Year, you won’t scream.

Instead, we hope that all your tools,
Run like clockwork and break no regulatory rules.
After all, it’s only fair,
To want your software, to have some flair.

In short, as 2023 approaches,
It’s good to sit down and reflect.
Do your chosen IT systems,
Your abilities augment?

But if you paused or had to sigh,
Remember, Velvetech is always here,
Don’t hesitate to stop by.

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

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