Convenience, nothing beats it! Imagine a service that comes to you right where you are, and at the desired time of need. Oh well, that’s the big deal today courtesy the inspiration from the Uber application.

Uber-like apps or on-demand apps is a trend gradually flooding the main-stream. It is proved by the continually rising number of users of all the age groups.

Uber-like mobile app concepts: on-demand mobile services

More and more mobile apps are springing up today in the uber-like app style. And they are not all about getting from one point to another. It’s way beyond that these days. Ever since Uber kicked off, many businesses are taking advantage of on-demand mobile services to cater to their clients. That covers numerous types of service besides transportation.

Simplicity and accessibility are fundamental for any uber-like app. Service providers and users can easily engage with each other from a smartphone application. Instant access, location-based search, fast service discovery and order, in-app payments, and sense of control ensured the success of on-demand service apps.

Trending Concepts and Ideas For Uber-Like On-demand Mobile Services

Uber is a $3.5 billion lesson in building for how the world ”should” work instead of optimizing for how the world “does” work.

— Aaron Levie, CEO of Box

A look into some ideas of uber-like apps that are leading to services will be the focus of this article. We will be considering the common day-to-day challenges of the average person and the concepts that are developed to solve them. Capitalizing on these ideas is a gateway to business solutions that are leading to big profit margins.

Healthcare Services

To find on-demand home service for Healthcare

On-demand healthcare services

The main goal of this concept is to help patients find doctors, therapists, and so on. It helps them get home consultations and other services without stress.

The medical service providers have a profile that highlights their professional services, work history, references, academic records, and pricing. As a result, the app allows patients to choose a service and place an order based on their personal preferences and medical conditions.

This concept can also include a virtual connection between the patients and doctors through video calls. It enables medical practitioners to deliver the required consultations remotely.

Lastly is the home medical deliveries. Patients can contact pharmaceutical vendors through the mobile app and get the prescribed medical supplies delivered at their home.

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Beauty Services

To simplify the booking process of beauty services

On-demand beauty services

This type of apps can literally bring transformations to beauty lovers. Their purpose is to bring the beauty parlor or a saloon to the sitting rooms of the clients who intend to get beauty services. With such an application, a user can request services such as makeup, manicure and pedicure, massages, and so on from the comfort of their homes.

The app will serve as a platform for service providers where they can list their portfolios and working conditions. Features to rate a service provider is inclusive as a major criterion for quality control. Users can easily book different beauty services and schedule appointments at a specified time in advance.

Office Space Rentals

To find the right workspace for business on a well-organized property catalog

On-demand office space rental services

This concept is servicing startups, small businesses, individuals, especially freelancers who don’t want to work from home. It enables some quiet and privacy for a minimum short time of one hour. Rental time can be a week, a month, or even a longer period. A user is able to book a tour of inspection by sending a request.

Workspace design, management, and operations can be handled by real-life professionals upon request. In accordance with the users type of business activity at a given time, a user will have the choice of switching workspace to a room that serves for lectures, meetings, or presentations.

Home Services

To engage domestic home services

On-demand home services

Here is the concept that allows homeowners to get the services of someone who can serve as a gardener, cleaner, babysitter, cook, errand person or other domestic services. The service providers will all make a profile that will show references and reviews from previous services.

Services are not limited to homes as they are available for business premises too. A house or business owner will be able to make a request, pay for the service, and even give tips through the mobile app. Payments can be rated on an hourly basis.

Automobile Rentals

To get car catalog and rentals

On-demand Automobile Rentals

Renting cars has taken a new turn. The process of temporal ownership can be automated by a mobile application. This concept cuts out physical paperwork making it fast and stress-free. It further makes possessing a car to come with just a few taps on your mobile phone.

The choice of the desired car will be from a gallery. Intended users will put up an application with driver’s license, banking information details, sign electronically, and bang, they get the car delivered to a specified location.

To make sure that rented vehicles are in good condition, the car owners can be requested for regular maintenance through the app. The cars insurance will only be by a limited warranty. A list of additional services such as mechanical assistance can be inclusive alongside other user needs.

Moving Furniture

To simplify the moving process

Moving Furniture

The inspiration here is solving the challenge of moving your furniture to a new apartment or office. It could even be moving furniture from the store to your home after purchase. The idea is to take away the stress or difficulties as the app will match the user with a driver.

The driver can help users load and offload the furniture they intend to move. The user experience can be such that you make a photo of the furniture type and get matched with a driver with a fitting vehicle.

The solution can be aimed at being a budget-friendly app with an algorithm that calculates the price based on the ratio of the number of items to mileage. A deep background check can be included for all the drivers and vehicles for security presence. Additionally, liability insurance can be provided for users for reliability.

Food Delivery

To order food from home or work place

On-demand Food Delivery

The main idea here is an app that will allow users to place an order of their choice meals or snacks and get it delivered to an assigned location. The app can be a stand-alone or in partnership with restaurants and cafes. The partnering café and restaurants will have a list of menu that will allow users to make a choice. A delivery person then proceeds to bring the food at a specified time by the owner.

The app can also provide for pre-order meal services, thereby saving the waiting time in restaurants. A customer with such an app can simply send an order in advance, walk into a restaurant, and get their favorite meal in a minute.

Ride Booking

To schedule smart multiple rides

On-demand Ride Booking

Here is an Uber-like concept that allows you hail a ride, track your journey in real time, schedule multiple rides, pay and tip the drivers. Additional features can be incorporated for more user convenience and security.

Thinking Of Making An Uber-Like App

Are you about to make an Uber-like app? The highlights below are for consideration. They are to help you get over the process in a productive and professional way.

Native or Cross-Platform Development

If you intend to make an Uber-like app, you need to decide the preferable platform. The two development approaches of Native or Cross-platform are different and therefore have separate results.

It is better to understand what makes up both platforms and analyze the strengths and weaknesses. Your target users should inspire your final choice. Budget is another factor to consider as it could be the reason for your choice between native app development for iOS and Android platforms or cross-platform approach.

To fully get a clear picture of all functional and non-functional requirements, do a proper business analysis for your mobile app. It will highlight all the business needs and pinpoint the best solutions.

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Choosing a Winning App Development Strategy

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Mobile App Cost

How much does it cost to make an Uber-like app? This is one of the flashing questions that can immediately come to mind. An on-demand mobile services application has specific requirements that may differ from other application types. It all depends on the purpose of the app. It ranges to as much as several thousands of dollars depending on features.

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Choice of Vendor

Your choice of vendor is very consequential to the success of your app development. You must have a list of relevant questions to the project that will reflect if the vendor is capable of such an app.

In general, the choice vendor should have a strong experience in on-demand mobile services app development and your specific business domain. Certainly, it is also important that the vendor has the required team and skill sets among other things.

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