At Velvetch, we have a tradition to open a Holiday Season with an overview of the key moments and gratitude to our clients, partners, and loyal readers.

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we’re happy to reflect on the diverse range of projects and achievements that have shaped our 2023. From catering to the dynamic needs of various industries to fostering innovative initiatives, this year has been a year of growth, learning, and success.

Join us as we take you on a captivating recap of Velvetech’s accomplishments that wouldn’t be possible without all of you! So, what’s been so special about 2023?

We Explore and Digitize Industries

This year, our clients’ focus was majorly centered around improving operational efficiency, accelerating custom software product delivery, and leveraging data for better decision-making.

Collaboration with our customers on innovative solutions development and advanced tech adoption has made retail, logistics, fintech, and other industries more progressive and valuable for end users.



More and more retail projects choose Velvetech in 2023. From returns management and payments processing to customer care services and shipping, our team is engaged in advanced automation and building new products for this industry.

We’ve been fascinated by the exciting project discussions, such as the need for POS deployment automation for stores. The project involved 6000 sites in the US and 2000 in Canada. Retailers aim to automate vital configurations to relieve people from manual operations and ensure exceptional shopping experiences. And this is a true path to success!



Navigating the intricate world of logistics, we proudly collaborated with several industry leaders.

With one of the clients, we worked a lot on major integrations with the biggest marketplaces, Walmart and Shopify, to make the supply chains as smooth as possible.

With another one, we courageously experimented with IoT development to monitor and analyze temperatures in real time and enhance hardware for temperature recording.

Read more about the Development of a Cold Chain Monitoring System

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Velvetech’s footprint in industrial automation spreads across different areas. We focus on maintaining and developing long-term partnerships to drive efficiency and innovation in the field. Accumulating our knowledge and expertise in industrial IoT, data engineering, and systems integration makes us a good choice for complex industrial projects.

Just some of the contributions include:

Software as a Service


SaaS gained a foothold as a thriving domain for Velvetech in 2023. In addition to simply improving the products’ functionality and adding new capabilities, we undertook more sophisticated projects behind the scenes. We were amazed by the innovativeness of the product managers we worked with.

For example, some of these initiatives included enhancing our subscription-based partners with a finely integrated OpenAI solution and implementing comprehensive auto testing to ensure uninterrupted service for end customers.

Data Analytics and BI

Data Analytics and BI

Our prowess in data analytics and business intelligence shone through exceptional projects. One of the biggest endeavors in this sector is the automation of marketing content generation and enhancement of the existing system with advanced data analysis and reporting for real estate data and consulting providers.

The customer can now create graphics, social media videos, and other artifacts in a few clicks. And the end users enjoy more insights into their sales and overall performance.

Fintech Industry

Fintech Industry

With our fintech customers, we delved into investment management, alternative investment, and lending software. Here, the Supervest case is the primary highlight and our reason to be truly proud.

Our collaboration birthed the Supervest SaaS platform, which is dedicated to streamlining investment management in the MCA industry. Launched successfully, it’s fostering connections among investors, MCA funding firms, and capital-seeking merchants.

Our customers inspire us to take up more initiatives in nurturing our internal expertise. So, let’s take a short look at what’s new on our tech agenda.

We Innovate with What’s Buzzing

Have you heard of Generative AI? More likely. Our passion for Generative AI and the passion of our customers for socially significant initiatives manifested in innovations for kids’ testing. Together, we’ve integrated OpenAI into the existing educational system that now helps teachers make up individual learning paths and personalized tests for students.

Now, teachers track the learning progress more transparently and can spot areas for improvement and creativity.

To name a few more projects, we’ve also integrated GenAI into an insurance verification solution and corporate internal platform for better productivity.

Besides project delivery, we’ve recently hosted a GenAI webinar to further push the boundaries of innovation in this field and help businesses understand how they can apply this technology to their operations.

Webinar: GenAI Revolution

GenAI for Business

Watch our webinar to uncover how to integrate GenAI for improved productivity and decisions.

We Win and Celebrate

Velvetech proudly earned recognition with an Inc. Award, an American monthly business magazine for startups and small to medium-sized businesses. We made it to the Power Partner Awards list and won multiple categories, including AI app development, Generative AI integration, business intelligence, data migration, and others.

Receiving this accolade was possible thanks to our clients and partners, who were generous in their positive feedback and participated in surveys. We sincerely appreciate your support and trust, as it fuels our motivation to strive for excellence in the future and serve the tech initiatives of our customers exceptionally.

Velvetech named to Inc.’s Power Partner Awards 2023

We Educate on What Matters Most for Business

Our commitment to knowledge-sharing extended through engaging webinars, exciting eBook production (coming soon!), and compelling newsletters on urgent topics.

Explore just some of our knowledge-sharing initiatives and the valuable insights gained from our community:

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We Develop and Support Contact Center Products

We take pride in our cherished very own products, too, which include Velvetech’s cloud phone system and a number of solutions for call centers headed by our intelligent contact center suite. They’re designed with the ultimate care about the needs we aim to cover for agents and managers.

Velvetel Telephony

Velvetel Telephony

With Velvetel telephony, perfectly integrated into any infrastructure, companies not only make and receive calls easily but also get valuable call insights and track vital call data. All that helps them improve their customer care, as it relieves both managers and callers from the common imperfections of telephoning.

Contact Center Product Suite

Contact Center Product Suite

Our AI-Based Contact Center Solution empowers agents in calls. It equips them with dynamic scripts, knowledge base and prompts, call analytics, and intuitive dashboards and reports to swiftly address customer concerns and lead meaningful conversations.

Key Integrations for Your Business

Contact Center Integrations

Our commitment to innovation is evident in cutting-edge integrations of contact center products with the Creatio platform. While there’s already a range of our solutions available on the Creatio Marketplace, we’ve recently implemented a couple of new groundbreaking connectors.

They include integration with Talkdesk Agent Workspace and Twilio Flex center. Now these integrations are reshaping communication and collaboration in the digital landscape, covering more use cases and solving more complicated functional issues.

We Collaborate with Giants and Industry Leaders

Velvetech's Partners

We continue to solidify key partnerships with industry giants, including Creatio and Salesforce, and make fast progress in launching new products for their marketplaces.

Talkdesk, Vinix, 8×8, Mytel, AirCall, and RingCentral, our telephony and customer service partners, help us ensure a global reach of collaborative telephony efforts. This collaboration supports managers worldwide in holding meaningful uninterrupted conversations and delivering exceptional customer care.

Finally, Microsoft’s partnership fuels us with vital cloud expertise from the best of the best, so that we can successfully share it with our customers.

We Grow and Learn as a Team

We Grow and Learn as a Team

Our journey this year also included a focus on certifications and expertise growth. Explore the areas in which Velvetech honed its skills and earned certifications, contributing to our continuous pursuit of excellence:

We Celebrate and Wish You a Profitable 2024

We wish and aspire for the future to encapsulate your spirit of optimism and determination. In 2024, together we will continue sharing your vision for more innovative technology and user-centric custom products.

As we reflect on the myriad accomplishments and experiences of the past year, Velvetech and our clients stand proud, embodying a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

The journey continues, and we invite you to push more boundaries of what’s possible in the tech landscape together. We are truly thankful for the trust you’ve already placed in our software development services and we look forward to supporting you in the coming year.

And for now, we’re wishing you and your teams a joyful Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year! May the festive spirit bring warmth and lots of moments with your loved ones!

Here’s to another year of growth, learning, and success!

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