Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends,

Some of us might start humming the song performed by Bing Crosby in the 1942 movie Holiday Inn, and its words I’ve got plenty to be thankful for come often and play on repeat in our heads. Yes, we’re certainly on the threshold of this kind and magic season, and it’s turkey, pumpkin pie, and mashed potato time!

While you’re stocking the shelves with all the ingredients for your favorite Thanksgiving recipes, Velvetech is taking a moment to collect together and prepare a mix of our gratitudes. We can’t — and don’t want to — forget about this little annual tradition to share things we appreciate, as it means a lot to all of us here.

Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

Acknowledgment for Helping Others

The first component of our gratitude serving is Velvetech’s inclusion into a list of top-notch B2B partners. Inc.’s Power Partner Awards 2023 names Velvetech an honoring company that has proven to support businesses in what they’re doing and help them excel at it.

Velvetech named to Inc.’s Power Partner Awards 2023

As might be expected, our team is truly thankful for this acknowledgment from Inc. It encourages them to continue evolving and growing their technology expertise while being deeply committed to our clients. With many of them, Velvetech has built trusted long-term partnerships that are centered around addressing IT initiatives and accelerating the delivery of tech solutions.

While awards like Inc.’s drive us to conquer new software development fields and extend our services, it’s the success of our clients that pleases us the most. And that’s the next component of our Thanksgiving recipe.

Success of Our Clients

They say we rise by lifting others. So when our expertise and tech solutions help clients meet their goals and produce tangible outcomes, we are happy for them and their achievements.

Sometimes, it can be a positive response from customers and stakeholders, given the successful and timely delivery of a new product. This year, it was exactly the case of our client from the logistics industry. The company relied on our experience with SaaS solutions and deep knowledge of advanced data analytics to build a robust SaaS product.

Then, there are projects that result in helping clients secure leading positions. For example, our team was so thrilled to read this review from a healtech company saying that Velvetech’s work helped them gain a competitive edge in the market. It was an RPM solution built with mobile and web technologies that made a difference in promoting preventative care.

And we’re especially happy to hear that our clients are content with the product, that it performs perfectly, and delivers great value to users. In this context, we can refer to a mental wellness platform that leverages artificial intelligence to help users enhance psychological resilience. The mobile app got a lot of positive feedback — and we got a happy client.

Continuous Knowledge Sharing

It looks like the crumbs of help mark our today’s meal of gratitude. So, let’s stick to it and mix in another ingredient — the commitment of our team to share their expertise in the IT sector. By design, this knowledge sharing aims to help businesses better understand the tech world to address their needs.

This year, Velvetech hosted more than five webinars, and we appreciate everyone who showed their interest, joined the events online, and asked their questions. We’ve already explored a variety of topics like BI for business operations, user-driven app development, or business analysis for predictable project results. Yet, there’s more to come!

As GenAI is on the rise now, we’d like to highlight its value for businesses across different industries and show companies how they can leverage it for their operations. We hope you can tune in, too.

Webinar: GenAI Revolution

GenAI for Business

Watch our webinar to uncover how to integrate GenAI for improved productivity and decisions.

Your Support

As always, our gratitude would be incomplete without this last part, like a turkey without gravy. At the end of the day, we always need your support.

We’re sincerely thankful to our clients who turn to us and put their projects into our hands. We’re happy to have trusted partners with whom we mutually help each other deliver services. We’re lucky to have two-in-one: a seasoned team of professionals to rely on and dear colleagues to chat with. Our special thanks and love go to our friends and families who are with us no matter what.

And, of course, we’re grateful to you, our reader — whether you’re one of those mentioned above or simply someone showing interest in our news.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to You and Your Family!
May All The Good Things of Life Be Yours Throughout the Coming Year!

Velvetech Team

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